Right on, bro. I'm with you on the idea of people needing to 'evolve' in order to realise that they need to get along better. If it isn't people, society needs an overhaul. Too much emphasis on the wealth, and that wealth is in the hands of like 8% of the world's population so that shit can't be right.
As for wars, I'd like to think I'm not the only pacifist around, but I think they serve a more trivial purpose to satusfy man's lust for violence. Greed is greed, I've no idea how to tackle that one, as it takes too many forms, money is one, but how many assholes out there have beaten up a dude for going out with their old girlfriend or something? (or vise versea, for the ladies) That's still a form of greed, although more primal. Take the envy? Way too broad and problematic, as it could be said that it's envy that drives ambition, so go figure.
Either way, props to all the people posting up on this, you guys pushing all the right buttons