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Thread: Savage Grace: Latin Lunatics (Molina Y Matthysee)

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    Default Savage Grace: Latin Lunatics (Molina Y Matthysee)

    Condemned souls metamorphosed homicidal villains
    Obscene bloodthirst driven like rusty nails thru dreams
    Savage desires torch diabolic resurrections in hellfires
    Impaled violent cravings penetrate iniquitous scales
    Colombian tie blind with no light perception in eyes
    Crude descendants of unrestrained ghastly ferocities
    Voraciously pilgrimages of objectionable brutalities
    Squared-circle pallbearers bestow ophidian terrors
    Vulture feast ambiance basks with merciless beasts
    Foursquare revulsion glares, arctic reptilian stares
    Crawlers of indecency, cave-dweller vile barbarity
    Hateful seeds, spawns of evil primordial savagery
    Raised by lack of sympathy priesthood of hostility
    Compassion vague, besieged couriers of plagues
    Sweet science pestilence messengers of violence
    Ill will in pupils, skeletons scattered in cold gravel
    Mercy abandoned forlorn, veil of civilization torn
    Fortitudes trekked thru valleys of serrated thorns
    Hyena clans, brutish beasts of barren wastelands
    Feral awake to bloodshed over frozen landscapes
    Golden Boy templars of insanity eager to destroy
    Ire of Stone Age, angry rebels of unbounded rage
    In terra firma warfare trenches swingin’ for fences
    While enshrouded in all Red like Johnny’s benches
    Hazardous elements threat to rule of government
    Explosive bricks, shrapnel grenades of Gaza Strips
    Atmospheric blasts equal to ten Hiroshima bombs
    Combustion equivalent to 600 kilotons of napalm
    Theatre of war co-starring Latin warfare warriors
    El Terminador de Argentina Y Latter-Day Gladiator
    Fisticuffs at O.K. Corral known as Stub Hub Center
    MGM shots fired, punches would liquefy barb-wire
    Cali chrome like thoroughbreds at Kentucky Derby
    Fury fistic, Tyson animalistic not that big mouth Brit
    Pugilistic phenomenon in out-doors of Carson City
    Packin’ Power like BLH ruffnek out in Southern Cali
    Lucas wants Molina beside him if called to holy war
    ESPN classic combat, thunderbolts wielded like Thor
    Sunless reign of violence under blood-stained skies
    In blink of eye lycanthropic fangs gore till veins dry
    Full moon luminosity amends men to hombre-lobos
    Sid vicious toe-to-toe at close range ruthless blows
    Kraken titans head clashes, inundation from gashes
    Harpoon lacerations the size of smoothbore wounds
    Bloody battle like Kill Bill Two Pines wedding chapels
    Non-Camacho macho men more savage than Randy
    Stalwart determination in hideous face of adversity
    Molina had height/reach but Lucas was fear slugger
    Lord of Destruction, A Breed Apart like Rutger Hauer
    Squared-circle solitary supremacy with Uranus power
    Nomadic introvert on forebode paths of lonely roads
    Molina sherpas landed an avalanche on top of Lucas
    Matthyssee World Trade Center imploded to canvas
    A guerilla turned ragin’ bull by modern-day LaMotta
    Dismayed, guillotine Machine returned to ogre ways
    Gangrenous green horror familiar role of executioner
    In-fightin’ with shorter shots and heavy counter pops
    Body blasts will leave white flags in casts at half-mast
    Spewed blood stream after hullabaloo fists broke thru
    Mexican pride didn’t allow to be washed out with tide
    Cruel waves crashed against levee until it finally broke
    Resist and rebellion was only dialect this soldier spoke
    Allstate couldn’t protect him from malicious mayhem
    Paul Bunyon lesions size of Grand Canyon indentations
    Mug in a mess, stain like Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress
    9 th rd. brutal, Lucas added uppercuts/hooks to arsenal
    John Molina was on path of unleashed merciless wrath
    Meteor showers reduced willpower to wet gunpowder
    In 10 th deluge of strikes folded him to a prayer posture
    Survived but only to enter purgatory realms of torture
    Psyche blown by Argentinean cyclone in the drop zone
    The corner wouldn’t allow DrRck to check their boxer
    By 11th the hollow man was dispatched to the gallows
    Distorted perception followed by grotesque execution
    Too deep in wicked blood for Holydiver to try a rescue
    Jesus Christ couldn’t levitate this Lazaras from canvas
    Awed victim of demise vacantly stared at faceless God
    Reawakened only by visual memories of phlebotomies
    Raucous flight of fancy dreams became silent movies
    Strife-ridden state with no escape for acute headache
    Lower tent pegs steamed like Jameis Winston crab legs
    Brazen crimson fluid burial garment gunshot abrasions
    Pugilist perils, thousand wounds bled above sea levels
    Abomination of desolation after exposed to disillusion
    John went from a Mora pretender to a real contender
    Lucas from Inter-Cont. champ to piranha in guppy tank
    In a fierce fight he’s never a Mr. Unreliable like Durant

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    Shits ill vocab is wat stands out the most to me i think i would have enjoyed it more if it wasnt so god damn long too took me ten mins to read this. But still a good drop

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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    damn long dart loved it, dope and ill piece, great vocab

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