Based rappers, get based on tracks and no files man
Based on nothing is based on zilch
Can’t milf a pillage with burning down a village
Based carnage is horrors
You can’t zip that up with soap
Based on hope is ray of light
Based on waste is what these newbies
Trying teach them how to make they own Scooby snacks
Pussy pack based rappers get wrapped up like condoms
Wish they mom’s would a aborted them
Before started writing drafts on paperback

What’s this based crap……..this shit………….
What’s this based crap……..this snap chat fact pack lame sacks
Start writing to thumping hard knock New York beats….
So stop that based crap and start tracking ya tracks with traps….

I’m a slave to the page in a rage off the hook
Leaning on books reading moves from your rooks
Never fatal instinctly legally imperial
Coming through these based on zappers
Get propped up like based on kappas
Now you betas think we theta waving e’m on
I’m based on cards you play
Get cha ways, get cha paid

Nah homie …
We made like bricks in your apartment
We made like arsenals from the military
We made like logic in your dictionary
We made like refs throwing the match
We made like refs stopping the match
We made like computer glitches you can’t patch