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    Default Jaded Knight

    Been encompass this wickedest speak through it
    I had to roast me some turkeys with any USC Berkley in e’m
    Barkley’s harmful slurs magnetic burial grounds
    Hound forces mirror my customers on the phone
    Clone dollar dome polish poems seen through clones
    Had to do it in Rome while I roam the back streets
    Mack in the Acura complete defeat to each their own
    Bust a flow on top of the steeple without a peephole
    Feature flow iron out holes with hoes that gardens couldn’t rack
    Bakery teaches you authenticity speak in multiplicity
    Trying synchronize with the laser vision optics
    Been in crop circles mark my angle battle verbalize antagonize what cha patronize
    Ageless been seamstress unless you increase feast no work
    Can jerk the verse from my heart
    Darken my heart harken parking in a disease
    Please I feed on sugar like just another diabetic
    Been introspective since I’ve been rapping in 9-6
    So you my breed isn’t another copycat in the pocket rap

    Jaded knight
    Wired tighter than a lighter you fire
    Had destroy me to send this back
    You know how I fire with a deck
    In my hands I am a jaded knight

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    you sound like your skills refined, but let me tell you this:

    as KRS-ONE stated in his book, Gospel of Hip-Hop, our culture is direct proof of GOD. And i would also like to mention how RAP directly ascended from the higher realms and that soon we may be forced to use this to take down evil like OWE-Bama and his illuminati puppet-masters.

    keep it up, good times here to come!

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