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not bad..yall should take your skills away from the wu sound tho..otherwise youll be jus one of a zillion affiliates..sounds cool tho take the advice positively p.e.a.c.e
i can understand you're point of view..but Ghost Ninjas making chamber music is no different than YOU saying "peace" at the end of every reply you drop..its Hip Hop dunny..its what we live, its who we are..whos to say that we cant make chamber music?..its what we like to listen to..its what we grew up on..styles are styles..there isnt only one "alternative" style rock band in Rock & Roll..but its all Rock & Roll..and there isnt only one "chamber music" style rap group in Hip Hop..but its all Hip Hop..

i was actually waiting for someone to make this comment..

bottom line is..no matter how you look at it..we make dope chamber music..i think we deserve to add our legacy to this area of Hip Hop..

thank you for listening and droppin a reply LyriCipher..

-Ghost Ninjas
-The Process