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Thread: INSPECTAH DECK NEWS/concert in SD

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    Default INSPECTAH DECK NEWS/concert in SD

    Inspectah deck performed in sandiego last night, the show as alright. he is on tour with afu ra and planet asia. the venue showed no love for inspectah deck as they kicked him out after only 15 mins of performing due to a liquor curfew. his performance started extremely late at 1:35 am due to technical difficulties and long performances by the other artists. he was pissed and was ready to start some shit so he told everyone to follow him out side to cause some kind of ruckus, but when we all stepped outside the cops were out there ready to be cops. anyways the dopest thing i thought was that ins got there at around 10pm and he just kicked it there by himself, walking around, talking with people and just chillin up until his performance. i had a chance to talk with him, i asked him when his newest album was going to come out and he said Jan 2006 and he's calling it "The Rebellion". i also asked him whens the next wu album is coming out and what a suprise, he said he didnt know.

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    thanks for the scoop

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    I met Deck in Montana last summer, shit was unreal, just ran into him, and i lived 18 hours from the town, i got all busted at the border with weed on me n' shit...when we got to the wu show we picked up a dece bit for wayyy too much shitty american $$ but, i met INS, Seshed a bone with GZA in the bar where the afterparty was at where he was mackin his white honey...i asked him" Genius you wanna go smoke this bone outside?" just like that cause i wanted it to be pure authentic and the god just said "Light it up" and i wanted to be like "inside this AMERICAN BAR?!?" but i didn't, and we smoked this mad joint i rolled together, and i got to drink their liquor, but i gotta say INS is the most real ass mother fucker i ever met ever...he knows he's one of my heroes, the cat just offered to come with me to sesh n' shit, even though he booked and i seshed with Gza, he's some str8 down to earth professional ass Wu-tang member...i fuckin love Inspectah deck...

    Some broad asked the god his "real name" when i was chillin with him and he's like "Inspectah Deck"...that was the coolest shit...i doubt the god remembers me, but over U-god, Masta Killa AND Genius...INS was str8 down to earth...Masta killa seemed to be the cockiest cat, but that was RIGHT when nsd dropped so i didn't take it offensively, he deserved being on top...

    INS tol' me about his clothing line "rebel inc." or someshit?? anyone know about that?!?! i wanna MAD REP INS TODAY! and ya he tol me about the Rebellion too, and the DJ Muggs album he said he was gunna drop...but that shit seems to be not working out...

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    Default Re: INSPECTAH DECK NEWS/concert in SD

    Word? Masta Killa were cockie?
    Ive met him twice. The first time i just said some words to him but he anwsered nice.
    Second time i had a little discussion with him. I think he's the nicest of the WU's ive met.
    Raekwon is nice too.
    But i guess it depends on the mood thee r at.

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    I really want his next album to be good. I have Uncontrolled Substance but not The Movement. Looking forward to The Rebellion.

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    Default Re: INSPECTAH DECK NEWS/concert in SD

    he gonna have his own clothing line huh?any of yall homies see him again ask if we will get it here in texas..we dont get wu-wear only fagot ass g-unit..

    help a brother out alright!!!! one love......

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    Default Re: INSPECTAH DECK NEWS/concert in SD

    who is goin to deck show at knitting factory tonite?

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    I dont kno if i can wait that long 4 his new album, unless that dj muggs colabo drops

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    naw man i'm pretty sure that won't drop...as far as deck releases go, it'll be the rebellion it seems and not that muggs colabo, cause Gza is workin with Muggs, i don't know the full story behind any of that...wish i did...and ya i'm not saying masta killa was SUPER COCKY, but he sure did'nt chill with the fans like INS...and i was the only kid who screamed "HELLL YAAA" when it goes "let the turntable spin, like the chrome on the g rag benz lets begin ayo spit that shit" line...but his songs were my favorite live...he's prolly my favorite MC right now, anyhting masta killa is on he shreds...

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    Default Re: INSPECTAH DECK NEWS/concert in SD

    cool shit thans for sharing your experiences

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    Nice shit..........

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