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    A Streetcar Named Desire

    Cool Trackmania Nations < Show Off Room >

    letz start the year of right!
    this probably thread of the year award, at least for the DIGITAL category...
    rate your 5 stars bumhoe!!

    if you not already down with it...
    any1 who knows how to drive a REAL sportscar - or wants to learn that - Download -->
    TRACKMANIA NATIONS - itīs free - itīs not really a demo.
    it is straight fun!

    show off your self customized cars here! see you on the road. i am six.

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    A Streetcar Named Desire


    o. i forgot. americans arenīt good car drivers. BUT YO! IT`S AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION! HAHA! come on and try it out. get some ad-aware to eleminate the malware and vroooooooom ... be some al unser kinda mofo hahah americans in cars. lmao why they only have BIG cars? cause they scraed of the accident, cuz they know they will have one, cuz they know they whack. demolition derby hahaha thatīs ordinary daily u.s. traffic... you are soooooo whack. ROFL ! a nigger in a sportscar? HAHAHA! YEAH! but only in his crip to show for the cam how much money he owns. haha!! nice faker styles.

    and style? word up to the bird up - half of westcoast customs pimped cars look like shit! all the fire and tribal shits. the big plastic bodies... no one really likes such shit-except true posers ok. us rims are cool, no doubt... but canīt noone compare to japanese or german styled cars. mercedes, porsche, bmw even vw and audi ... canīt nobody fuck with germany. thatīs the base of the world wide car universe.KNOW WHAT I SAY?!! japan got honda, toyota and thatīs about it. america: Ford? LMAO! NOBODY LIKES "Ford" ! they refuse to take "FOrds" in the middle east. before they take a ford, they rather walk or get a camel. hahaha fuckt it america. yous are whack and thatīs it.. GENERAL MOTORS IS A GAY ASS MOFO! you donīt see much american cars on german streets, but hell yeah. theres mucho plenty german or japanese cars on usa streets. think about that if you doubt me. stupid gremlin and shit like that. i really lmao at my thread.. thought yo niggas can overcome your dumb false pride, haha better hide and donīt show, cuz your egoīs are too small like your black dicks are too long. thatīs basicially the reason why you worship thick bottomed chicks, cuz the cute and real nice ones donīt like that long cocks. stump that shit into the dirts from behind, all through massive fat on fat ass bitches. hahaha! use are so lame word! i mean ALL NIGGAS! nah, i only talk to the wu ! excpet meth or red canīt noone drive a non automatic geared car, cuz they are too DUMB! I MEAN UN-INTELLIGENT!


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    A Streetcar Named Desire

    Thumbs up


    i take it back to the streets 4real 4 real and no1 got my back? thatīs hip hop queers and homos.. thatīs a wrap not to mention french bananas

    hahaha dejavue lol FREEZE :eek: hahaha

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    A Streetcar Named Desire


    lock up the garage
    yours is only good enough to move coke. to dumb to move a car.
    yeha. no problem- the world need some lower beings too, for that the higher ones can live fine

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    A Streetcar Named Desire


    ok ok your are right, race cars are

    iīm going to be a real hero in a rpg schenmueonimushayatzeehhuschhusch

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