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Thread: depth perception

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    Default depth perception

    i wont cower in your presance, my raps hard like the resin in carbon fiber on deadly weapons/
    i live'er in 7 secconds the motion will make explotions, breaking the microphone and the tape/
    leaving you in a vunurable state, i wont implicate a noteable fake design/
    take your time, rake to find the great lines/
    snakes pine, i make minds decide they side/
    while sitting beside my ride, your eyes are fixed wide open/
    scope the missile silo smoke like yokahamas/
    i hold katanas, my words are paranas/
    im bitein english, you gonners are finished, the calm is deminished/
    within this you wittness, a sickness in sylables, bending the rules/
    do you realy belive you read it write?/
    its like deff inflection, verse is the resurection/
    your in need of deph perception, check tha wepons/
    when you hit the suface gettin riddeld with verses/
    holy curses, holdin your shirt and your certin im puttin work in

    feedback would be good,
    dident get any on my last two

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    Default Re: depth perception

    This was another good verse (although you were busting), it was well put especially the first lines, it was well placed. Nice verse.

    Hey you shouldn't worry about replies, you posting is worth alot. Doesn't have to get a reply-although its nice to have replies. Thats the purpose of the temple, you experience with others included. We'll always try and reply to everyone.

    PS: this verse was on point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: depth perception

    this is good but short maybe you should put all three together PEACE

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    Default Re: depth perception

    thanks guys

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