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Thread: Raekwon - Shaolin VS Wu-Tang

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    Default Raekwon - Shaolin VS Wu-Tang

    1. "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang" - Scram Jones
    3/5 beats too dramatic & repetitive

    2. "Every Soldier in the Hood" (featuring Method Man) - Oh No
    4/5 good stuff

    3. "Silver Rings" (featuring Ghostface Killah) - Cilvaringz
    5/5 love the overall package, beat's dope as fuck, odb callback was a nice touch

    4. "Chop Chop Ninja" (featuring Inspectah Deck & Estelle) - Bluerocks
    4/5 Estelle doesn't sound like Estelle which is a good thing, hook brings song to a halt too much tho, nice storytelling

    5. "Butter Knives" - Bronze Nazareth
    5/5 master swordsmanship here

    6. "Snake Pond" - Selasi
    5/5 anotha banga , best song on the album for me

    7. "Crane Style" (featuring Busta Rhymes) - Scram Jones
    4/5 busta almost fucks it up at the very end

    8. "Rock 'N Roll" (featuring Ghostface Killah, Jim Jones & Kobe) - DJ Khalil
    4/5 guilty pleasure, but doesn't fit with the rest of the album

    9. "Rich & Black" (featuring Nas) - Sean C & LV
    5/5 nas came thru

    10. "From the Hills" (featuring Method Man & Raheem DeVaughn) - Kenny Dope
    4/5 good hook, lyrics are solid talking about back in the day, cuz of Raheem this made me think of Ghost's R&B album, Meth's cannibal line is stupid

    11. "Last Trip to Scotland" (featuring Lloyd Banks) - Scram Jones
    5/5 love the lyrics and the Idi Amin reference, banks needs cough syrup, scram came thru again!

    12. "Ferry Boat Killaz" - The Alchemist
    3.5/5 okay, ALC could have come better

    13. "Dart School" - Mathematics
    4/5 no complaints, Math's got that heat

    14. "Molasses" (featuring Rick Ross & Ghostface Killah) - Xtreme
    3.5/5 wouldn't have thought Rawsse could hold his own here but the CO did

    15. "The Scroll" - Evidence
    5/5 ill, Evidence exceeded my expectations with this beat too

    16. "Masters of Our Fate" (featuring Black Thought) - Tommy Nova
    5/5 wow, feeling the lyrics!!

    17. "Wu Chant (Outro)" - Tommy
    n/a obvious but does the trick

    18. "Wu Crime" (featuring GZA/Genius & Killah Priest) - BT iTUNES BONUS
    4/5 typical beat for GZA to flow over, sounds more like a GZA song actually

    19. "Your World & My World" (featuring Havoc) Havoc iTUNES BONUS
    4/5 the Havoc beat harkens back to the Mobb Deep glory days, this could have fit on Hell on Earth or Murda Muzik, don't really like the beat change for the outro

    Not OB4CL I or II but surely the best of Rae's other albums, miles ahead of both Immobilarity & The Lex Diamond Story. Good beats, having Scram Jones as one of the co-executive producers was a good thing. I didn't write a lot about Rae's lyrics because these are his typical topics and he did them well here. Could have been better if Rae actually rhymed words but somewhere down the line ya boy got a bit lazy. Didn't really get the hate this album got when it came out.
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    Masters of our Fate is my personal best joint on here.

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    I love this one.

    Masters Of Our Fate, Butter Knives, Dart School, Silver Rings, Snake Pond, Rich and Black, Chop Chop Ninja, Wu Crime, are all dope. Rock and Roll was kind of "eh" for me. I can't really say too much bad about this album.

    But I dare say that Rae was even better here than on OBCL 2. All the features came through here. Nas, Inspectah Deck, GZA, Black Thought. All were dope.

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    Chef's 3rd best album, after the Cuban Linx series. I copped the CD bundle with the shirt at FYE, but it was 1 to 2 sizes too small.

    Where's the poll?
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