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Thread: Killah Priest - Black August Revisited

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    Default Killah Priest - Black August Revisited

    copped this last week when I found out on Amazon that it wasn't just a digital album (any more)

    1. "Intro" (Kallisto) ft. Rudy
    n/a waste of a good beat

    2. "Big World" (Javon)
    3.5/5 great beat, good uptempo song

    3. "Greatest Lesson" (Jahson)
    3.5/5 KP isn't very good at hooks, but the verses are good, understated beat, humming on the outro is plain stupid

    4. "The Last Supper" (Just Blaze)
    4/5 love the beat, yet not a typical Just Blaze production, lyrics are okay, typical messiah stuff

    5. "Time" (G 13) ft. Dreddy Kruger & Savoy on the hook
    3/5 some of these beats are starting to sound the same already, Savoy does alright on the hook, Dreddy Kruger puts too much emphasis on the last word of each bar, gets old soon

    6. "Revisited" (Francis)
    3.5/5 nice female voice on this one, good hook by KP here, nice overall lyrics

    7. "Movie" (Jahson)
    3/5 extended movie metaphor comes off okay but the concept's been done before, beat is meh

    8. "Mind As A Weapon" (4th Disciple) ft. Hell Razah
    5/5 this song delivers on its promise, some much needed energy in the deliveries here, good SOM chemistry, 4th's beat is hypnotizing

    9. "Street Opera" (4th Disciple) ft. Hell Razah
    4.5/5 another outstanding 4th beat, Razah & KP do their thing, good hook

    10. "Do The Damn Thing REMIX" (Mr Khaliyl) ft. Ol' Dirty Bastard
    4/5 what this album needs is energy and both the (overly jiggy) beat and ODB's verse deliver just that

    11. "Turn Around" (Full Moon)
    3.5/5 KP does his thing, beat stands out because of the questionable sample (bonnie tyler - total eclipse of the heart) which actually works pretty well if you can get over the source material

    12. "Vengeance" (Jahson) ft. Ras Kass
    3.5/5 the sped up flow was a nice touch, I can get with this beat too, not a bad HRSMN collabo

    13. "Militant" (John Shapiro) ft. Kurupt
    4/5 Kurupt isn't mentioned in the booklet credits, but he does spit on here and he doesn't embarrass himself in his verse, that's all we can ask for from him at this point. but his hook is stretching it ... love the beat on this one

    14. "The Rain" (Tiny) ft. Main Flow
    5/5 everything works well on this track!!!

    15. "People" (Kallisto)
    3.5/5 great lyrics but this beat sounds like way too many other beats on here

    16. "Genesis" (Killah Priest)
    3.5/5 great bassline on this track, could have done without the lalala part but it does fit vibe of the track

    all in all some of the production sounds pretty cheap. priest's lyrics were okay but not mindblowing as on some of his other projects. the album drags in places. most definitely not one of his better albums. only about 4 keepers on this album for me.
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