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Thread: ODB/Wu Reunion Tour - Ice Cream Ladies Jump Off

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    Lightbulb ODB/Wu Reunion Tour - Ice Cream Ladies Jump Off

    Much respeck to ODB and the gods first.


    This is the OFFICIAL Ice Cream Ladies Jump Off for the ODB Tribute/Wu Reunion Tour:

    Lets not overlook the women @ these shows for the next 2 weeks as the tour progresses - discuss how the ladies are gettin down in each venue. Rate 'em: The looks, the vibe, anything - let it be known!

    If you got pics, submit 'em - give us a taste of what to expect.

    As soon as the WU gets to Ft. Liqadale, FL. (Revolution) - I'll tell yall about how they got down and send yall pics (Miami and Broward women - nuff said).

    305/954 respeck due 2 our women and abroad.

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    what up people!!!!!!!! the worcester show was bang'n!!!!!!!!! any1 got any pics???

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