A Brit shot in the face as she fled a crazed gunman is begging for the return of her wedding ring after she was discovered clinging to the body of her dying husband.
Gina Van Dort was unable to speak after gunman Seifeddine Rezgui calmly walked through a Tunisian hotel killing British tourists.
The 30-year-old was struck by a bullet under her chin which then exited her eye. A bullet also shattered her femur in the attack.
When paramedics arrived they found Gina, 30, sobbing and hugging her dying husband, refusing to let him go.
Because of her injuries, her beloved wedding ring had to be removed during the effort to identify her because her face was severely wounded and she was unable to speak.
Armed policeman were “paralysed by fear” and allowed the Tunisian gunman Seifeddine Rezgui to freely massacre British tourists for more than half an hour before shooting him dead, witnesses claim.

Even though two police officers arrived at the scene within minutes, it was said to have been around half an hour before Rezgui was killed. In that time, 38 people, including at least 30 Britons, were fatally wounded. The armed policemen who arrived at the beach were “paralysed by fear”, a Belgian tourist told The Independent, speaking anonymously because she said she was afraid. “Some youths told the police, ‘We’re not afraid of dying, give it [the gun] to us.’”
The youths took the gun and ran up to the pool area, shooting in the air to get his attention, but then the gun jammed. The gunman turned around, threw a grenade at them and chased after them.

A Russian tourist staying in a hotel 200 metres from a private beach where gunmen opened fire killing several tourists has described the 'shocking' scenes he witnessed in the immediate aftermath of the attack.
Petr, a holidaymaker from Moscow, told Yahoo News UK he saw three dead bodies face down on a beach area popular with British tourists in the resort of Sousse, Tunisia.
Petr's instagram profile picture
Seeing the commotion from his hotel bedroom window immediately after the attack Petr rushed outside and followed hotel security men.

He said: "I just saw that there was something wrong and security were rushing to the beach, so I followed.

"I saw two women and one old man and they all appeared to be dead."

Petr , who did not want to give his surname, took a picture of the scene, showing a man on the beach wearing blue shorts lying face down in the sand with what looks like blood in the area around his head.

Empty sun loungers can be seen behind him and there does not appear to be anyone else near him.

WARNING: You may find this picture disturbing

Picture taken by Petr in the immediate aftermath

Petr said he was told by witnesses that a group of terrorists approached the shore on a boat and opened fire while still onboard.

"They shot the first line of people on the beach and then turned the boat and left."

Sousse is a city on the east coast of Tunisia, about 87 miles (140km) south of the capital, Tunis. Around 1.2 million tourists visit Sousse every year, drawn by the hotels, sandy beaches and culture.

What the fuck is going on! Madness every few weeks, the future looks bleak.