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Thread: Hawk still at it

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    Default Hawk still at it

    damn its been a minute. happy as hell to see this shit back up and running and alot of the same names still here.

    on the production end of things i took a lil time off but im back and getting ready to put in some work. i got a few beats ive worked on in the last month up, so let me know what ya think. peace


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    wut up Hawk...dont kno if you remember me...but shit man been a while since i heard from you...nice to see this place back up...shit last time i was here was back in 2002....

    yo hawk you still ill...word up. keep blessin.
    ']['he |Re][ntegration (Group

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    Default Re: Hawk still at it

    nice work man...I likes yah beats...I remember that "just leave" from somewhere

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    Default Re: Hawk still at it

    Yo Hawk.
    Arg your news beats are fucking dope.
    "Black out" is one of my favorites. Banging drums, nice atmo, good voice sample.... Original sound.

    "couldnt be me" is more classic but fucking dope too. Very powerfull strings.

    Good work.

    And your old beats!!!! "Ocean tearz", "castle on a cloud".... All "audio lounge" classics.

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    Default Re: Hawk still at it

    ...Peace Hawk, Whats good...Like I said, I herd yah shit for along time now and i like what I hear...what do you say about me gettin a beat or two for this mixtape im workin on...



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