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    Featherweight emcees aim to be TBE but fight like Laila Ali
    Brokeback Mountain gentlemen scour regions for semen
    Rife homosexuality, don't ask don't tell of military policies
    Daredevil homos mount seminal fluid-enshrouded dildos
    Norman Bates transvestites dread mics like dykes do pipes
    2015 poetry transgenders with street cred of Bruce Jenner
    Candy bar poets as useless as 8-month pregnant porn stars
    Ghostwriters of faint rhymers punch as hard as bingo cards
    Masses with petrol/matches as witless as retards on crutches
    James blunt darts like gay zealous Christians, keenly pointless
    Erectile dysfunction prowess, verses dormant like sickle crisis
    Rappers as potent as imported drugs from foreign countries
    Lyrically whole industry needs to go bankrupt like Trick Daddy
    ASAP like Rocky, nowadays anyone can do it like tavern Karaoke
    Soprano mobsters are really homos on HBO like Ali G as Bruno
    If this was Iraq war strait these soldiers be called back to states
    I piss urinal raps on these wack cats like R. Kelly without Flomax
    Drowning Whitney Houston emcees with visions of dead seas
    Heartless adversaries, enemies with cardiac crises of Eddy Curry
    Deficiency of damned, all smoke like powder in LeBron’s hands
    Apollo Theatre amateurs too inept to fu** with Mr. Sandman
    Faint-hearted nemesis do not want to Buttheads like Beavis
    Foes that test me fail miserably like Stevie Wonder at DMV
    Battle me and you’ll travel thru Annie Wilkes roads of misery
    Full-blown faggots catch friction like homos without KY Jelly
    Wigs split till craniums are bald-eagle endangered species
    Egg shells cracked, scalps extracted from skulls in two flaps
    Executioner axe draws very near, I pap smear pussy peers
    Magnetosphere disappeared, spears razed protective gear
    Smith&Wesson M&P semi-automatic thru pair of your Asics
    Windpipes choke after tips of bladed jargon spoke to throats
    Purgatory fiery landscapes exacerbate, flames grill tailgates
    Hand-held scud missiles turn one’s blood vessels into pixels
    Feminine cats get train tracks derailed like Jennifer Anniston
    Opposition looks like victims of Hiroshima atomic explosions
    Lacerations excavate lunch from stomachs like dissections
    Chest cavities left heartless like carcasses after autopsies
    Insurgencies in peace treaties’ rallies end up in mortuaries
    Carried in body bags from place of discovery to cemeteries
    Masters of ceremonies’ necrologies recorded in obituaries

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    Featherweight foes can’t fu** with Mexico’s Akebono
    Anthony Perkins homos try too hard to play a psycho
    Heidi Fleiss hoes in financial woes blow but won’t swallow
    Cannon fodders’ playing days are over like Kenny Powers
    Emcees think they’re Gods but they’re Atheists without a prayer
    Nicked young adversaries all Swaggy P but rhyme like Iggy
    Timorous rivals hit pad once a month like their menstruals
    I have more lines in my IPhone notes than their rhyme books
    Battle-ready troops shook soon as mad cow beef is cooked
    War Machine raps, bloodsplats of Christy Mack without Tampax
    Brutus assassin on shootin’ mission of Lew Alcindor as a Bruin
    Bullets thru flak jackets, slashed brains drip plasma into goblets
    Air raid hand grenades cut lives short like abortion blades
    Pump potassium solution like IV’s to arteries till torsos slump
    Autopsy orders’ tape-recorders record ghastly slaughters
    Peers on morgue tables naked like parents of Cain and Abel

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    Paulie Malignaggi feather-fisted enemies of amateur pedigree
    Ja Alan garbage emcees verbally incompetence of Greg Hardy
    Scarlet Letter skirts in Skechers, Mayweather women beaters
    Matt Barnes fake tough guys picking on old geezers like Fisher
    Derrick Gordon gay ballers hate practice but love to hit showers
    Squared-circle Yusaf Mack homosexuals grief-stricken by denial
    Faggots love semen, all about the Juice like Epps and Simpson
    Vivica A. Fox .50 beefs, skinny jeans so tight pussies can’t breathe
    Adversaries of Lil’ Fame like Jamal Grinnage permanently damaged
    Gates of hell ajar, rap czars behind Dennis Rader homicidal bars
    After I free murderous verses like justice system did Oscar Pistorius
    Archrivals shook like snitches with their names in phone books
    Walrus penis down nemesis’ esophagus, deep throat gag reflexes
    Foes in jaws of defeat buried waist deep like dwarfs in toilet seats
    Battle-shields incinerated like shorelines after Gulf War oil spills
    Call these Vietnamese raps because they were quick to peel cats

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    Lyrical Latin Lunacy. Barrio brethren. Like that Hispanic headbanger in Dead Presidents – that’s how we blow up spots! Lets keep rippin' this joint Rhymin' Bestia!

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    You know there's a market for eight month pregnant pornstars hahahaha

    Shits dope though

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    Chickenheads better make me a ham and cheese, and only market they should be in is of the poultry kind. But I’m sure there’s some depraved heads out there that have that fetish. I’ll stick to honeydips like Serena Williams – muy fit and thick from the lips to the biscuits!

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    Homosexual detestable faggots worse than Pacquiao animals
    Video hoe foes act like Tony Soprano but are as tough as Meadow
    Justin Bieber superman lovers, offspring of transgender mothers
    Ted Cruz pussies allege to killer bee sting but fight like Tatyana Ali
    Advocates of Labiaplasty, adversaries as masculine as Avon ladies
    Cowards claim to pack heat but are petrified of burger grill flames
    Mere mortals try too hard to be what they’re not like Rachel Dolezal
    Gats passed like venereal disease before squeezed, quick to cop pleas
    Missy misdemeanor felons share cell with Martha Stewart in prison
    Skylar Diggins feminine hygiene ballin’ out closet like Jason Collins
    Pedophilic predators fondle cocked hammers like Army doctors
    Pugilistic imposters, only gloves worn are of Hamburger Helpers
    Emile Griffith sparring fags, lips bloodied like vaginas on the rag
    Bricks to grills like Reginald Denny at Florence and Normandie
    Plexi-glass jaws shattered, inert anatomies sliced then scattered
    Caskets inapt after remains vaporized like death stars do tiny planets

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    Feminine dykes gripe on mics, contrite icons of gay rights
    Vito Spatafore faggots with tooth aches for Johnny Cakes
    XX chromosomes as feeble as Clark Kent with a cell phone
    Alexis Arquette men bark like mastiffs but tread like kittens
    Vagina valor, anal whiskers sheared with bikini trim razors
    Fake tough guys as womanly as slit between females thighs
    Non-existent testosterone levels, street cred of The Bangles
    Milli Vanilli Grammys, they speak on condition of anonymity
    Summer’s Eve Natural Douche emcees are not lyrically filthy
    Limp Bizkit lyricists, Dolce & Gabbana queers’ same-sex trysts
    Linda Lovelace deep throat skills, lips camouflage semen spills
    Ice Cube actors of rappers, jelly roll soft like Janky Promoters
    Golden shower devoured like R. Kelly on elevated watchtower
    I have these pussies in check like OBGYN, Dr. Moreau’s Island
    Torture souls in caves of sorrow, torsos riven into camel toes
    Timorous foes get annihilated like forty-nine homos in Orlando

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    Foes with big egos claim to be ballers but they’re no show like D. Rose
    Self-professed inner-city heathens as malicious as Walt Disney villains
    Futile dialect they flex is useless like Mariah Carey with no soundcheck
    Pussy grease like Kim when tagged-teamed by Big Poppa & his Lil’ Cease
    Fred G. Sanford big dummies try to buy ounce of coke with Pepsi money
    Cervical cap cats think they’re bulls like Sammy but I smell Gambino rats
    Frank Costello infiltrators try too hard to be a Don like Cheadle in Traitor
    Fainthearted cowards are pretenders like entire troupe of The Departed
    Whitney Houston emcees will not be able to survive fatal verbal tsunami
    Lyrical Hannibal cannibal will quickly alter rivals to Del Monte vegetables
    Why they want to do battle with a male lion when they rhyme like Tyga?
    I’ll murder these little rascals for $50 like Alfalfa, massacre by euthanasia
    Kojak kinsfolk after I hack wigs with axe of Durotan in World of Warcraft
    I traumatize these kids because I’m Brad’s pit, lock-jaw boa constrict grip
    Heads with clefts laid to rest while plasma smears their bullet-proof vests
    Adversaries cease to exist like millions that couldn’t get on Schindler’s List

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    Real Housewives of Atlanta like Porsha, Cashmere G-string divas
    Emcees sweet as cookie sheets, whistle-blowers with NeNe leaks
    Transgender escorts lookin’ like Caitlyn Jenner on their passports
    Vaginal juice out their pores, hardcore to them is Charli Baltimore
    Warped Massengill masculinity, Bob drag queen gender identities
    Botched sex-change deformities, supporters of LGBT communities
    Britney Griner gets more pussy than these faggots in laced panties
    Ventriloquist dummies speak but only on conditions of anonymity
    Harvey Levin gays plead 5th rather than face this wicked wordsmith
    Unrestrained flames of WTC planes to abdomens like hunger pains
    Silica attacks fibers, pneumoconiosis to one’s lungs like coal miners
    Heads bludgeoned to pulp fiction, concussions of volcanic eruption
    Brains stabbed thru ear, cells scraped from opening like pap smear
    Throats from necks severed to cervical spines, condensed lifetimes
    Wakes in lieu of sex tapes after I wrap these homos with AK drapes
    Closed casket funerals after rivals get cancelled like ABC did Scandal

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