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Thread: anyone jump in

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    Drop tops like cars and whips
    I donít do slashes like whips and slave ships
    Drop lines in pencil
    Undress your stencil
    Trace me unilateral
    Iím pictorial the way
    I draw ethereal
    Opt in like plots on time clock
    Rock slide genocide
    To those with pride
    Take you like pills
    glimepiride and metformin
    on the edge like foreman
    before the shift starts
    I spark my day
    With fifths of vodka
    Shake these martinis
    Bomb these winnieís
    Fred savage
    Mark of the parish
    I smith these Wessonís
    Address eím with lessons
    Fatal fury
    Bury them in sessions
    Attested aversion
    Diversify your nursey rhymes
    Break out the box
    My knocks be keloids
    To your fixated androids
    Get deployed destroyed
    Know my jab and hook
    Riddick Bowe
    Let eím know
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    You say we're thugs only reason that's said is Coz there's no stopping us ya weaponless so silence your thoughts of popping us. try locking us out of opportunity you'll have your date with fate truly b your soon to see. I appreciate the beauty of jewellery but prefer wearing the arm of Trudy or Lucy round my neck- yes these brothers usually pass the 'are u a feck test' wheres my head rest, bless
    We can do our best but its the youth that hold the key to putting racism to bed and letting it die in its sleep.. Look at this lady lying to me... You got a degree but not smart enough to see there's no buying your peace being a sideman brings grief. sometimes to get respect it's best to use violence my g... Providing you already tried being refined and light with ur speech.. If so then fuck it get to frying that leech...

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