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Thread: Cassidy homicide update

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    Default Cassidy homicide update

    Cassidy has been denied bail, after surrendering to authorities to face homicide, weapons offenses, reckless endangerment and other charges revolving around the April 15th shooting that left one man dead in Philadelphia.

    More details are beginning to emerge about the altercation that took place, it is said the argument took place on West Oak Lane and Cassidy was one of the main people involved. The result of this arguement saw 1 man killed and 2 men injured sources say the men were friends of the rapper.

    Police said an investigation revealed that Cassidy was one of three men that allegedly shot up a vehicle behind a row house that the 22-year-old rapper was living in.

    The vehicle contained three passengers and the shooting spree seriously wounded two of the men and fatally wounded 22-year-old Desmond Hawkins, who was shot in the back.

    Police say the cause of the shooting was the argurment that took place earlier that day.

    "There were a lot of people who witnessed this, looking out of their windows," Homicide Detective Ed Rocks told the Philadelphia Daily News. "There were casings all over the place out there."

    Police recovered over 25 shell cases and witnesses said they saw a dozen men in black hoodies fleeing from the scene after the shooting.

    Local residents told the Philadelphia Daily News that contrary to what the police have stated, Cassidy and Hawkins were friends and that Hawkins is even featured in Cassidy’s DVD, “Back to Basics.

    Police are still seeking Abdul West, 23 and another unidentified man.

    Cassidy is currently incarcerated at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, which ironically housed another major Philadelphia rapper, Beanie Sigel.
    I'll try to keep ya updated as the newest information is reported.

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    thanx ryu

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    This just in on MTV.com............CASSIDY has been bum raped twice since being arrested

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