Started writing again recently. Just finished this one this morning...

You're lost inside a cloud of delusion
so lost you can't work out a solution
you think you know exactly who you are
if that's true then why do you ask
why you do what you do, why you say what you say
if the truth shone through in that display of your hate
if you're trying to help of you're just laying bait
playing it safe till you make your escape
are you the hero or the villian in black
or somewhere in between like you're fillin' the gap
are you willin' to scrap, if that's what's required
or you'll chill and kick back, relax cos you're tired
make an excuse but make it for who
you gave them the truth, you make it for you
behave like a goof, you're faking it, dude
changing your view isn't making it true
when you awaken you lose, cos now you're confused
you're in poor health, it's yourself you've abused
and healing depends on how you deal with the news
will you smile in denial or kneel in the pews
will you hit repeat, dance to the same beat
or pack up and move yourself out of shame street
if the, game beats you, what do you do
you try once more but you've got to improve
and what did you lose, when the rope severed
do you ever rue the loss, nope, never
as the dew turns into frost it's no better
carry on when the pieces don't go together
the weather gets colder, you're bolder in speech
the past in a harness you hold within reach
asking for calmness, the goal live in peace
to master the art of controlling the beast
desire's still there, inside you still care
now all those tears that you tried to spill flare
you feel so scared cos you're still nowhere
the queen's in her lair, scared you will go there
you tear at your hair, try to figure it out
the burden forever growing bigger with doubt
you shout and you scream to let it out but it seems
that peace is up in the clouds, just a dream
you try to recall when all was well
when you stood at the peak of a falling swell
before you crawled through the door that you're sure is hell
but before you could ever stand tall, you fell
you're lost in a maze of your own bent fallacies
locked in the cage of your own mentality
tossed in a hazy frost where the crazy
boss of the flock claims grown men gallantly
the question now, what is your next move
you've loosened the safety net that protects you
burned friends in every town you ever trekked through
the real you concealed to but a select few
your view is distorted, it's useless, abort it
tossed it aside with your pride but you caught it
before it was more than an arm's length away
fought it with all of your darn strength and hey
at least you took a step in the desired
direction, the next one leads out of the fire
in which you burn, but things could turn
the pass out of grasp till it's been earned
learn from mistakes or you'll burn on the stake
be firm with the worms, the vermin and snakes
take control of a vacant soul
chase old goals, you might make it whole
roll with the rush to control mould and dust
slow to a stroll if you're cold to the touch
but don't halt or give up, you'll rupture the flow
you're still just a pup, there's so much you don't know
growth is consistent with hope and persistence
foes try to slow you by posing as victims
show them resistance, keep systems intact
focus and listen, seek wisdom in facts
sack the actors playing their part
props with a pulse, they won't stay in your heart
now you're, back on track, a new day, a new start
don't stop till you're whole, you've made it too far.