1-All Day, Always- 5/5
2- Suicide Doors- 5/5
3- The Moments That Matter- 5/5
4- Luxury feat. Westside Gunn- 4/5
5- Everything's For Sale- 5/5
6- See A Key (Ki) feat. Jadakiss- 5/5
7- Money Makes Us Happy feat. Black Thought & Bilal- 5/5
8- Playing Favorites feat. Christon Gray- 5/5
9- Meadow of Trust feat. Saba- 5/5
10- Women Who Can Cook- 5/5
11- Civilized Leisure feat. MoZaic- 5/5
12- The Experience- 5/5
13- Asking Bodie For A Package feat. Skarr Akbar- 5/5
14- Things I Should Have Told My Friends- 5/5
15- Sweet Pursuit feat. Kay Cola- 4/5

This album is incredible... It came out last Summer. It has an "Illmatic" kind of a vibe, though not as gritty. A lot of stand out tracks. IMO, none of the are "weak." A couple weren't quite as dope as the ones that I thought were great. Overall, I think it's his best album. The production was great, and he's gotten even better with his flow, and his lyrics are always on point.

I'm sure it'll fly under the radar. Skyzoo is CRIMINALLY underrated. It's a disgrace that he's not more known than he is by this younger generation.