i had the chance to smoke some salvia(legal drug) the other day, i did not want to smoke it first, so i watched my friend do it before i did. he got realy messed and could not talk right. We all laughed at him (thinking he was exagurating), so i decided to give it a go. it was salvia 5X extact from salviasuply.com, i smoked about 0.1 grams, i held the smoke in for about 30 seccond(as instructed) and then let out the smoke.......
in about 10 secconds it hit me. it felt like someone had started squezing my vision
its hard to describe the fealing.... anyway within a few more secconds i was fuct, the room around me looked like what could only be described as 2D, it was as if the whole world had become some kind of strange origami that was folded around me, or rather i was kinnda part of it. also it felt as if i was being pulled and pushed from many directions by some strange force, all i can say is that this is the most messed up drug i have ever done, it only lasts about 20 min and it is strong for about 5, it made me wonder why a drug like weed is illegal while this stuff is not. i myself enjoyed it and will probably do it agian someday.

has anyone else ever tried this stuff, if you have.... did you like it? what was your experince like?