this is Ghost's most overrated album IMO...the only true standouts are Shakey Dog, which is really nice storytelling, vivid details and all with a nice beat to go with Ghost's delivery, which is amazing on the song, and The Champ, which is another masterpiece by Just Blaze and Ghost kills it. 9 Milli Bros, Be Easy, Clipse of Doom (not a good beat but Ghost's third verse especially is insane), and RAGU are great tracks too, but there are weak spots popping up throughout. Beauty Jackson is average and too short, Back Like That is alright but is an obvious attempt at commercial success, Jellyfish has a wack beat and is average at best, Barbershop seems unnecessary, Big Girl has a nice message but the song itself is boring, Momma has annoying singing, and Three Bricks is way worse than Niggas Bleed (why did it feature BIG's verse anyway). The album is a solid 3.5/5, but its replay value isn't great, and is less than More Fish imo. Still a solid album but not near classis status or even the best of 2006.