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Thread: Ghostface Killah - Fishscale

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    This album is incredible. I put it as his 3rd best album behind SC, and Ironman.

    Fuck all yall haters

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    I not rating it compared to his previous albums, just rating it from whaat I feel.

    Shakey dog- 5/5 sick story
    kilo- 5/5 love coc rap
    champ- 5/5 gets me pumped up
    9 milli brothers- 4/5
    Columbus exchange- 5/5 gotta love that coc rap
    Ragu- 6/5 sounds like a cuban linx track
    Whip you with a strap- 5/5 another classic ghost story
    Back like that- 3.5/5 If it was not for Ne yo this would of got a 4.5, Ghost tells a good story
    Be easy- 4
    Clipse of doom- 2.5 hate the beat
    Jellyfish- 4/5 at first I hated this beat, it grew on me a lot
    Dogs of war- 3.5 cool song, that guitar in the beat brings it down for me
    Barbershop- 4.5/5 should of kept the whole song
    Big girl- 5/5 love this shit
    underwater-4/5 Ghost was experimenting, pretty cool
    momma- 3/5 not my fav, not bad though
    Three Bricks- 5/5 just because of raekwon's verse

    Ghost never dissappoints me. i can honestly say I love all his albums. Cant wait for more fish and swift and changeable.

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    i voted for classic didnt get the recognition it deserved but for wu what else is new same wit 4:21.

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    good album if you ask me.
    Ghostface - "Be Easy" (feat. Trife) is nice shit, excellent song

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    I loved it, the only flaw was that it had so many skits on it, but they were good skits especially heart street...

    My favorite tracks

    Crack Spot
    9 Milli Bros.
    The Champ
    Whip You With A Strap

    This album, I have in rotation...
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    1.The Return Of Clyde Smith - (Skit)
    2.Shakey Dog - 4.5/5
    3.Kilo - 5/5
    4.The Champ - 5/5
    5.Major Operation - (Skit)
    6.9 Mili Bros - 5/5
    7.Beauty Jackson - 5/5
    8.Heart Street Directions - (Skit)
    9.Columbus Exchange/Crack Spot - 5/5
    10.R.A.G.U - 5/5
    11.Bad Mouth Kid - (Skit)
    12.Whip You With A Strap - 5/5
    13.Back Like That - 4/5
    14.Be Easy - 4/5
    15.Clipse Of Doom - 5/5
    16.Jellyfish - 4/5
    17.Dogs Of War - 5/5
    18.Barbershop - 4.5/5
    19.Ms. Sweetwater - (Skit)
    20.Big Girl - 5/5
    21.Underwater - 4.5/5
    22.Ironman Takeover - (Skit)
    23.Momma - 5/5
    24.Three Bricks - 5/5

    Overall, Ghostface came with another dope. No weak tracks, some classics and the rest are good. Good lyrics and most of the production is dope!

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    The Return Of Clyde Smith -
    Shakey Dog - 10/10 good fuckn track
    Kilo - 10/10 "yo Rae I can't feel my face." best track imo
    The Champ - 10/10 flawless
    Major Operation -
    9 Mili Bros - 10/10
    Beauty Jackson - 10/10
    Heart Street Directions -
    Columbus Exchange/Crack Spot - 10/10
    R.A.G.U - 10/10
    Bad Mouth Kid -
    Whip You With A Strap - 10/10
    Back Like That - 9/10
    Be Easy - 10/10
    Clipse Of Doom - 9/10
    Jellyfish - 10/10
    Dogs Of War - 10/10
    Barbershop - 10/10
    Ms. Sweetwater -
    Big Girl - 10/10
    Underwater - 9/10
    Ironman Takeover -
    Momma - 10/10
    Three Bricks - 10/10

    177/180 i love this album. top 5 all time on my list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY_Mami View Post
    I loved it, the only flaw was that it had so many skits on it, but they were good skits especially heart street...

    My favorite tracks

    Crack Spot
    9 Milli Bros.
    The Champ
    Whip You With A Strap

    This album, I have in rotation...
    co-sign on those tracks +Big Girl, Underwater and Clipse of Doom, but I dont how anyone liked that Heart Street skit that wasnt even funny

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    So many bodies on my microphone the shit's haunted

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    I love Ghostface and I think not only is this the Best Ghostface album but he best Rap Album in Seven Years. The album cover's about everything Relationship's (Back Like That,Beauty Jackson, Big Girls & Jellyfish) Club Banger (Be Easy) Battle Rap (The Champ) Possie Cuts (9 Milli Broes. & Dogs Of War) Childhood (Whip You with A Stap) Surrealty (Underwater) Life of a drug kingpin (Kilo & Three Bricks) and Hood Saga Track (Shakey Dog, Crack Spot, R.A.G.U., Barbershop, & Clipse Of Doom). The thing this album got right is how to properly use Skits to step up the tracks before them (Major Operation, Columbus Exchange, Bad Moth Kid & Ms. Sweetwaters) or playoff the rack before them (Heart streert Directions). There reallys not a bad track on the albumt hat just furthers my theory that this is the best rap album in the last seven years

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    i say it's definitely up there with Ironman and Supreme Clientele. I was waiting for him to start fuckin with Doom. I just knew it would happen eventually.

    the debut album: Better 8 Than Never NOW AVAILABLE!!!

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    ^^Ya I cant wait for Swift and Unchangeable, Ghost is on fire right now i dont see how that album can be disappointing.

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    beside clipse of doom, no other song really moved me

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    01 - Shakey Dog (4.5/5)
    02 - Kilos (4/5)
    03 - The Champ (4/5)
    04 - 9 Milli. Bros (4.5/5)
    05 - Beauty Jackson (5/5)
    06 - Crackspot (4/5)
    07 - R.A.G.U. (5/5)
    08 - Whip You With A Stap (5/5)
    09 - Back Like That (3.5/5)
    10 - Be Easy (4/5)
    11 - Clipse Of Doom (3.5/5)
    12 - JellyFish (3/5)
    13 - Dogs of War (4/5)
    14 - Barbershop (5/5)
    15 - Big Girl (4/5)
    16 - Underwater (5/5)
    17 - Momma (5/5)
    18 - Three Bricks (3.5/5)

    Overall: 4.5/5
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    Exclamation Ghostface Killah presents FISHSCALE.

    Ghostface Killah brings us his fifth album 'FISHSCALE'.

    1. The Return of Clyde Smith - (4.5/5) Clyde Smith is OFFICIALLY back.

    2. Shakey Dog - (5/5) Ghostface kills the mic and production is bangin courtesy of Lewis Parker.

    3. Kilo Feat. Raekwon - (4.5/5) Did you know this joint was about drugs? LOL. Ghost & Rae do best at what they do which is rap about drugs. Nice production and the chorus is very catchy "A kilo is a thousand grams, it's easy to remember".

    4. The Champ - (5/5) AMAZING beat by Just Blaze and Ghost lets everyone know that he is THE CHAMP.

    5. Major Operation (Skit) - (4/5) Another skit about a Major Operation....hmmmm.

    6. 9 Milli Bros. Feat. Wu-Tang Clan - (5/5) Nice posse cut by the clan and the rolling piano loop by MF Doom is a nice backdrop to the rapping. This song makes you want to smile and in some cases want to shout 'WU-TANG IS THE ANSWER'.

    7. Beauty Jackson - (5/5) Produced by the one and only J Dilla (R.I.P). Although it is short the amazing production by J Dilla compliments Ghosts rapping and the song turns out to be VERY successful.

    8. Heart Street Directions (Skit) - (5/5) HAHAHAHA OMG THIS IS FUNNY SHIT. My man balls is out there...LOL.

    9. Columbus Exchange" (Skit) / "Crack Spot - (4.5/5) This is surprisingly good because the abrupt start of the song and the production is NICEEE.

    10. R.A.G.U. Feat. Raekwon - (100,000,000/5) but for the sake of the review (5/5) This song has got to be the dopest song EVER. Pete Rock drops a MUTHAF***** of a head banging beat on some vintage Cuban Linx shit. CLASSIC material. This songs OWNS. PERIOD.

    11. Bad Mouth Kid" (Skit) - (4/5) LOL. Little kid bad mouths Ghost. (Not a wise option unless you want to pick up pieces of your teeth from the street). Not as good as 'Heart Street Directions' but still kinda funny.

    12. Whip You With a Strap - (5/5) DOPE. Ghost reminisces his youth as J Dilla drops another addictive gem.

    13. Back Like That Feat. Ne-Yo - (4/5) Now i don't usually listen to this RnB bullshit that comes on the radio so often but this song is actually pretty good. In fact the song is very well executed and Ne-Yo doesn't come off like a fag but instead drops a nice chorus. The production is also MUCH better than your average song and this song definitely has chemistry.

    14. Be Easy Feat. Trife - (4.5/5) Many people think that Pete Rock's production is boring on this track but i think the complete OPPOSITE of this. His drums (which are like top notch) bang hard and the horns provide a nice tune which Ghost and Trife get busy on. Official HEADBANGER.

    15. Clipse of Doom Feat. Trife - (4.5/5) People also think that the production here is bad but in my opinion the track is FIRE. MF Doom provides a killer guitar stroke on which Ghost & Trife spit lyrical heat.

    16. Jellyfish Feat. Theodore Unit - (5/5) Sounding 'quite Camay-ish' and I am really diggin the plucked bass lines here. Nice cut with Theodore Unit and surprisingly Cappadonna spits a hot verse.

    17. Dogs of War Feat. Raekwon & Theodore Unit - (5/5) HOT SHIT. Pete Rock drops a jewel in which he cleverly uses the Sly Stones 'Family Affair' sample. Everyone including Sun God (Ghosts Son) packs heat on this track.

    18. Barbershop - (5/5) Ghost getting a haircut and spitting straight hardcore lyrics. NICE.

    19. Ms. Sweetwater (Skit) - (4/5) Mr Starks is missing his key. NOOOOOOOO!!!

    20. Big Girl - (4.5/5) I can't believe that Ghost actually produced this one. Most rappers who do this miserably fail but Ghost cooks up some lovely soul and rhymes over it.

    21. Underwater - (5/5) AMAZING & WEIRD. If i said this on a normal hip-hop album it would be shit but come on... this is Ghostface Killah were talking about. MF Doom creates an atmospheric, hazy track in which Ghostface uses some dope lyrics. 'Spongebob in the Bentley Coupe, Bangin the Isleys,'.

    22. The Ironman Takeover (Skit) - (4/5) Ironman takes over. No, seriously.

    23. Momma Feat. Megan Rochell - (4/5) This track also gets a lot of criticism but I have to admit I quite like this. Could have been better if she wasn't actually on it but oh well.

    24. Three Bricks Feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Raekwon (Bonus Track) - (3.5/5) Im guessing this was meant to be on Biggies 'Duets' and quite rightly so it should be. The production is too programmed for my liking and it doesn't end the album as it should do but at the end of the day it is a bonus track so I couldn't really give a flying f***.

    114.5/120 = CLASSIC

    GHOSTFACE KILLAH IS OFFICIALLY BACK!!! I love this album because the production absolutely OUT OF THIS WORLD and after two average albums Ghostface Killah packs STRAIGHT HEAT into this album. I know that most of you will think i am crazy but In my opinion i think this is on par with Supreme Clientele and in some cases better. This has got to be one of my favourite albums and one of Ghosts best since Ironman.
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