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On My Mind Tracklistinng:

1. Entrance
2. Fig. Mutant
3. If These Walls...
4. Cali Dreaming ft, Tha Barber
5. Six Senses Of Irony
6. Shock Treatment ft. Ex-I, Okwerdz, Jacob
7. Soul Provider
8. Point Of No Return ft. Etakit, Wellphed
9. Ugly Humans
10.Lyrical Fitness (remix)
11.Hunger Strike ft Ex-I
12.Crossing The Line
13.Windoze ft. B.V. Bridges, Adam (sickle)
14.Weapon X
15.Spliced Crooked
16.Meet Your Makers ft. Nikfuq, Tha Barber, Rushya 747
18.On My Mind

FiG MuTanT - If These Walls..