did anyone else see this movie besides me? this came out around the time when hollywood thought to make shakespeare movies all of a sudden with no one really knowing why (romeo + juliet, hamlet, etc.) so they eventually got around to shakespeare's bloodiest and arguably worst play.

Now I've never seen the play but I did see the movie and I can tell you this, the movie IMO was really good and also really bizzare (which made me like it even more).
I was however kinda put off that there wasn't as much gore in it as I thought there would be but hey put in a random orgy scene instead of insane amounts of gore and I'm good.
another thing to note is that this movie was released (I think not positive) before hopkins re-did his role as hannible lectar in the movie "hannible" which I found kinda funny because of the weird similarities or coincidences that happen in both movies with titus and hannible doing practically the same exact things... if you want to know what those are wait until someone else who saw both movies tells you.

anyway I thought it was good, did anyone else see it?