Afraid get laid aim and shoot reboot or recruit delude iron crude refute it leave it or loosen the noose on it come back like a moose or elk
Yell off of bridge I pigeon swoop in like a hawk saving a cocoon
Back room duties give it a chance hopeless romantic
I confiscated rebate it like you ainít even waited at the counter
Rebound cha sponsor leave you deported like your masters
Eject them shits outta the tape player because CDís are too expensive to press
Taken based outta face making ghost look crazy and lazy
shook, shaken like everything is bacon when Iím spooky
Rip rooms spit booms hit eím with tombs
Make eím lose it when I play ďcurse of anbusĒ
Iím remain in charge while your clueless
I rudely ready the amplified samples
Chess piecing two piecing eating emcees like a recess
Coming back with a bible entitled ďthe thesisĒ
you can feed this without all the collaborations and the ill-fated features
read it like pleated delete it without the button
I got buttons sewed back on with patches also
My malt liquor be sicker than off the toxin
My rockabilly ripping stomachs silly kill it on a mac
Didnít need an apple packed shock a jock with a mockery
Dropping more hip hop outta my basement than you did girls in ya bedroom
Throwback show shacks pole packs mole jacks
Making acts looking like checks in reps without settling debts
Sold steps instead of the whole block
What a shock you stepping on land you donít own
But it was taken from the natives without reprieve
So I see beyond what you annoy deploy when I read manuals
I get it on like annuals coming with more Decembers than calendars
So take over the globe call me alexander without suspenders
Itís the enders zone postpone when you take the throne

What am I afraid ofÖ
I donít rip like I used too
But Iím used killing darts making emcees smarten up
Before they take lines I break minds, break spines
When itís time to rumble I take back the whole jungle fury