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Thread: A lesson in Supreme Mathematics

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    wisdom understands equality

    wisdom understands the equality of know where stand to whats under and over you.
    that goes without sayoing that in order to do the wisdom you must take in what know about and use that to further yourself into what don't know. use the ledge to go from under to over.
    Who be Whom

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    beautiful, dif.

    very good add - on!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqueous Moon

    Wow, yo I'm impressed and amazed at how universally Supreme the math is ...very good add -on.

    When you get a chance hit me up with more...I'm feeling it.

    A question: What happened to the brown man?...I live in Cali. and they everywhere, lol....just something that came to my brain...

    Again..thanks for adding on Charging soldier
    Thanks, i'll get some more info on more numbers later-

    as far as the brown man- before white man came over seas it was just the red man, now you got the red man mixed in with the spanish down in mexico, and over the years they just became mexicans, hence the brown and proud homeys. Shit happens like that over time, cultures get lost new cultures evolve. But the way it's seen in Lakota, there were just four original races,- black, yellow, white, red- as oppossed to the three- Caucazoid, Negroid, Mongoliod- The land bridge theory is complete bullshit. Not that people didn't come across the land bridge, but there were natives already here, so if they did come across they mixed in with us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS
    1 - Alpha-Beginning

    9 - Omega-Ending

    Born of 2 natures - The Holy Ghost - Son of Man - Man Child - The Father and The Son -

    The Original Man + Mankind = The Above

    Positive and Negative combined

    360 Positive 360 Negative = 720 which is the true complete cipher

    the caucasian was called GHOST - the Prophets saw a Holy (Yloh) Ghost who is to come in the end times riding on a cloud (plane) of Supreme power

    A righteous Caucasian looking man - He was From the Origianl (Father) and the children of the Original (Son)

    Christians say they are all one and the same but they don't know why

    Peace Sunny,

    I was just meditating on this right here and it reminds me of the number 8.

    I agree with your knowledge...Im just wondering how you see the number 8 in comparison to the 360 positive/negative you pointed out.

    The math for the number 8 is alredy solid in that...isn't it?

    Build/Destroy...If you look at the way the 8 is shaped you can see two full ciphers creating a whole which has a set value.

    Build would be the postive and destroy would be the negative equaling that 720 you were talking about.

    But the 8 ain't the completion cause u gotta add that 1 (knowledge) again and make it to number 9, which is born.

    Then the value of (0 )cipher becomes manifest...which is a whole...meaning 120 + 120 +120.

    What do you think?

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