Shaken wind blink and get bent polls go lower than your girlís pantyhose
my flows be cold as a winter day in Syracuse
so, don't accuse get defused reused like recyclables'
shaming how Iím shaping up the game cut them so closes
the flows be edited pick your nose
I got em like a bigger on ESPN when om using my esp. to read cha thoughts
then deport what you bought flame on Johnny storm
caught you in the wind gonna feature read your jack Reacher
teacher preach to you get deaded leave em leaded like radiation
fade you like an outro coming into black be a movie ending being fade to black erase your stats have them hacked like Shaw above the rim above
the sin be living expenses rent cha mind like condo
chopped thru your dental come into it with principal
implement so intense it was a wrench thrown in folding never be me forever
so, Iím forever an optimist Optimus prime
rocking mine with shine primal energy be how I cause a solar eclipse
when I spit it so liquidous mostly taking a shit on the track
so, polar-opposite you didnít even dare to stop it like a rocket launch