Ever feel possessed? I did last night trying to pray. Just like mind awake body asleep. My mind tried to fall asleep as I prayed. Then something loud buzzed in my head when I woke up... very loud angry buzz sound. You will read up that Christians that start to pray more and build their relationship with God have stories of demonic attacks. Yea something is definitely out there trying to battle for our beings. The hate you see everywhere these days on social media/tv....the media projecting luciferian doctrine every dam day. I read revelations 12 last week. It seems to trigger things.. epiphanies. But in the end I'm praying to God and Jesus....is it really them though...or is it a trick? The devil is a liar is my final answer. We know how this will end. I truly am a warrior for good. The mind is a powerful machine that's easy to program with powerful software. Chose the right software (dark or light). I have lots of personal things to change to renew my covenant. Atheists wont know how to be prepared with authority of the Holy Ghost when the time comes.