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Thread: yes this thread is real :o

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    Default yes this thread is real :o

    so after Noels, epic double album, it inspired me.. (thank you brother)

    the last 2 weeks or so, i just been writing a lil, trying to keep it on point, i dont think the lines are that good,but it was crazy? to convey what i was tryingto with out writing a 10000 word essay..


    So many different religions so i'll just name a few,
    Are you a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Jew?
    Catholic, Buddhist or converted to something new?
    Or maybe you like to practice Haitian Vodou.
    Have you lost faith or did you ever believe?
    Is there any truth to Adam and Eve?
    Don't get offended i'm just analysing this,
    What about the last supper and Judas kiss?
    Have you seen Allah? Did you speak to him?
    Did he tell you not to wear pigskin?
    Do you believe in karma? what does your future hold?
    Have you done good deeds, will you receive gold?
    When you return will you be a dog or a cow?
    Or a little black cat that just says meow?
    I respect all religions but I refuse to follow,
    Stories full of loopholes makes it too hard to swallow.
    Does heaven exist or is there another twist?
    On judgement day will you make the list?
    Do the murderers and war criminals really go to hell?
    No one knows for sure so don't believe everything they tell.
    Make your own mind up, think for yourself,
    You can read that book or leave it on the shelf.
    I'm not satanic or a religious fanatic,
    But some tales just seem over-dramatic.
    You have a choice of who you want to rejoice,
    You have a mouth, you have a voice.
    At the end of the day everyone goes,
    Where we end up, nobody knows.

    'searching for truth..' is what i feel it should be called...
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