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Thread: hook or no hook?

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    Which wu tang songs had hooks on it?

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    release yo delf
    cold world
    as high as wu-tang get
    duel of the iron mic
    i gotcha back
    investigative reports
    living in the world today
    knowledge god
    incarcerated scarfaces
    heaven and hell
    bring da ruckus
    shame on a nigga
    shimmy shimmy ya


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    either is good when done right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tical2000
    it seems in 2005 it is all about the hook and not about the lyrics, where as in the 1990's in was more about the lyrics than the hook..........what was dope about WU TANG is that they focussed so much on the lyrics, most of there songs dont really have a hook......

    ......so I like the no hook........I like the gritty shit
    Fucken exactly man. Its way better without the hook. But if the hook flows with the song its all good. But personally its better flowing without the hook

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    depends on track....cream or ice cream wouldnt be that good without a hook but sometimes that singin shit gets really fuckin annoyin

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    I think a hook could emphasize your lyrics like GZA's I Gotcha Back, but nowadays to many nigga like to fuckin sing or harmonize their hooks like their in Bone or some shit.

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