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Thread: AFI - The Blood Album (2017)

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    Default AFI - The Blood Album (2017)

    Not sure if anyone listens to AFI here, but they're dropping a new album.

    Release Date: January 20, 2017


    Track listing:

    1. Dark Snow
    2. Still a Stranger
    3. Aurelia
    4. Hidden Knives
    5. Get Hurt
    6. Above the Bridge
    7. So Beneath You
    8. Snow Cats
    9. Dumb Kids
    10. Pink Eyes
    11. Feed From the Floor
    12. White Offerings
    13. She Speaks the Language
    14. The Wind That Carries Me Away

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    grew up listening to A.F.I. and Davey's like one of my fav vocalists (when he does his thing) but i havent been feeling the couple latest AFI releases (everything December Underground and on wards, Sing the Sorrow being the last one i really dug) and these singles dont really do shit for me.

    im more interested in his Blaqk Audio group nowadays. their debut was tight and their second release was pretty dope if i recall correctly. ill have to see if they releasesd anything in the past four or five years.

    this is the first BA track that popped up on google and i dig i dig. its from their second release havent listened to this shit in a few years but what are the chances i just threw them back on my mini ipod last week they havent cum up in shuffle yet.

    BUT i see they released an album at the beggining of this year entitled 'Material' pretty stoked to check it out to say the least.

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    Thanks for the info on Blaqk Audio. I've been out of the loop on music outside hiphop the last few years.

    Here's another single from the album. Not really feeling it. I dug the other tracks above, they grew on me.

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