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Thread: O.C. Same Moon Same Sun:1st Phase {free download link}

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    Default O.C. Same Moon Same Sun:1st Phase {free download link}

    you can also buy the CD w/Bonus Tracks if you have $

    1. Same Moon Same Sun Intro (Prod. by Motif Alumni)
    2. Serious (Prod. by Gwop Sullivan)
    3. Good Man (Prod. by Soultronik)
    4. Waste Not Want (Prod. by Motif Alumni)
    5. Sound Off (Prod. by Gwop Sullivan)
    6. New Day (Prod. by Lord Finesse)
    7. My City (Prod. by Motif Alumni)
    8. Sam (Prod. by Motif Alumni)
    9. In The Paint ft. Majestic Gage & David Bars (Prod. by Motif Alumni)
    10. DNA (Prod. by Motif Alumni)
    11. Soulsville (Prod. by Showbiz & Motif Alumni)
    12. Real Life Part 1 & 2 (Prod. by Showbiz & Motif Alunni) (Part 2 Prod by Supaugly)

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    nice.. thanks for posting, O is still the man

    daily updates: news, articles, reviews, the best compilations on the net. that true skool street hop!

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    Any chance this will this go to Spotify?

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    This is solid after the first listen.

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    I'm gonna have to pass on this because I haven't liked a album from OC since Starchild LOL. I love him anyway. I got his Jewelz album cover on my Facebook page. I saw him on Youtube doing new interviews about Big L and he said Nas stood him up at the studio. He said him and Nas was supposed to do a song.

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