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    Default SimpDefied

    Get simped like Kanye got pimped by a chick who got pimped by ray j
    Simps do sextapes for fakes fund they get laid by huns
    Who getting laid so they can do it like on BangBros
    I rather fuck for fees off the hook on Brazzers
    But I知 no simp crazy ape like clink buster
    Paper chase simps get wasted off the pussy face
    Laced cased wasted off the cum taste you simps waste
    I can ace the test, ace the breast, ace the best, I知 the ace of aces
    simps getting had and kanye is classified as a simp of simps
    kanye simped so low other simps shall follow
    simp couldn稚 handle tits like hitomi tanaka
    you壇 have to put on blue blockers
    or you値l be a simp pixelated
    x-ray phasers lame lasers I give you wagers
    you壇 have to pay me back more than you make with Skytel pagers
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