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    Default dog day afternoon

    first verse, title: the world trades

    ...the objective of terror is to mortify and often guide
    the terrified to a point where they voluntarily reconcile
    and hand over their liberties and rights to their own suppressor
    and my objective, to throw projectiles into heads and mid-sections
    I been already stamped with the 666, it was 6.69
    I could trade if I wanted then, but I'm good with a modest grind
    you know what a trade is anyway, 30 nickels, ass to give up
    in a prison, it's just a punk giving ass to get cum
    on the streets, its' retail and wholesale, hand-to-hand on all the sales
    even your skill set is a trade you often sell for dollar bills
    it's called a service rendered, even learning as an apprentice
    but an intern don't get shit but a drink, chips, and a sandwich
    living in this world is a navigation thru acts of baiting
    the customers to snatch they paychecks, ravage accounts, run houses vacant
    technology moves how we favor, not in our favor
    because ironically, the more we relaxed by it, the more it enslaves us
    how the-fuck they get my cell number to keep calling me
    about free vacations they say that they offering
    shiii, they want my information for what? to scope how I move about
    in their round-about way to forge a blockade to my route
    I'm on a course and already at my final destination
    when I'm all caught-up, they hand they ass to me by-the-way then
    I can remain silent and lock into the game 'til his grave
    and control all blood flow from here on-in as my slaves
    'cause soo-woo calling out tzu-wu, and I'm abel bodied
    I don't mind controliing 'em all until cain I body
    and I keep philly exclusive to how the brothers do shit
    and keep on my sun wu shit to control gods prudence
    the world trades, I'm not a traitor though, so I ain't trading
    my land mass over and will murda' all infiltraitors...closest..

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    Default still born [on the other side of a morgue]

    they're taking away my music, killing me off, I be feeling the cost
    depressed because of how people seeing me off
    not seeing at all, not an ounce of fight in they hearts
    just leaving me lost, after waking up on the other side of a morgue
    maybe it's the frost, two inches or so of snow
    but I know, I won't budge from my post
    I go hard because they bombard beyond y'all reference of time
    and this just me fighting to maintain my alignment
    this the light work I give to you to spear through you
    how could I say I fear for you when I do not care for you
    if you seen how they got me, I'm a' opt to be shot again
    wu' couldn't adopt me yet, I'm too philly to rock wit' them
    not a personal jab, 'cause they used to camp in demy's lab
    but if they seen suh'm, just know I ain't broke out this trap
    as of yet, and one or more of them staten isle residents
    need to do the math of my precedence, I'm the president
    I just got some fuel in me, they call it god degree
    used to be on the seven septa bus, that's who ride with me
    the seventeen, the twenty-nine, the sixty-four
    the number two, the orange line, who want the war
    who unna'stand why there's got to be protocol
    and I be the pro to call...the god told me 12 o'clock
    was living in kensington, what he know about what's going on
    who got shot to death there and what for, that phenomenon
    that gave away my location, where ole' dirty got too close to
    got arrested at, and then died, and soo wu't I'm s'posed to
    not live or some shit? just keep bearing my soul to be further buried
    alive in y'all dirt? shiii, y'all best to know
    I move around, I'm not a vegetable
    the war's coming thru the black wombs to get to you'z, I'm still born..

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    Default got myself together

    ...bloods rushing to my dick yet, blood pressure been checked
    my bulllet wounds been healed, the government chin-checked
    my body no longer leak, the rubber room's not for me
    u.s. can use they trump card for their romper room policy
    but I am the time, beneath my feet is the place
    population one, others can keep out my face
    when I got myself together, I got my health together
    if suh'm trying to bring me out in my present get-up
    rasputin signing off, usher in the white holocaust
    they needed to stop trying to hide behind my people's cloth
    having they seeds thru my women, that ain't saving them
    nor their offspring, can't befriend me, shit ain't safe for them
    protocol's been breached, so caucasoids will cease
    to inhabit existence, their offwhite seeds deceased
    nothing about their plan will live, that's the bottom line
    WHO'S GON' PAY FOR THE BLACK LIVES LOST in our black holocaust
    we are not equal, you pink skins bastids are all see-thru
    call me what you want, but you cannot call me to save you
    not even my people can save y'all from y'all fates coming
    we ain't gotta' die with you, and since you game, I'm in your face coming
    so, there's no common enemy amongst us, that's a white jew set-up
    for their world banks and shit, and nero caesar [napolean] who they worshipping
    brought him back as my twin [yakub] to keep him close to me
    niggas thought it was a joke to-they-end, kept roasting me
    every time I talked to 'em about the approaching trap
    like I was deficating out my face and talking out my ass
    every single anti-christ of theirs is now a black seed
    it's four of us, made me my own anti-christ against me
    hip-hop did that, that's lsd, lucy skywalker
    nebudchadnezzar, morpheus morphed into my stalker
    but when you'z talking the try-sex, then that's when I stalk him
    and beans' talk done quieted since I hit his block all up
    the meek shall inherit the earth will remain the theme
    but the greeks who inherit the earths be me and my team
    you know, phi lamda delta phi alpha shit
    however philadelpha's spelled in the greek alphabet
    and I'm achilles niggas who tried to assimilate vs
    I'm a first generation philly native, get ya' wait up
    heard nigga scream wait up, please! no! then his face ate up
    2-8 Road shit, common place to see a grave made up
    r.i.p. to the brothers caught in they war between the 2-4
    used to go to my buddy boy's house, had a board where he kept score
    who had the most bodies determining who's winning
    sociopathic thinking, we burning in fueled linen...
    ...shout to al capone, my nigga...2-4, S.P. life, Eternal DamNation....

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    Default the reverse-erasist, I can tell the salt from the sugar, but why shouldn't I
    wage war on everything white and let them sort it out
    when I take their manson's life, their time's aborted now
    I'm relentless 'cause they senses was post-mortem'd out
    occupying my place of business, unsolved murders
    still under investigation, dumb blind purchases
    the pilgrams made of real estate, this entire place
    is a haunted house fulla' niggas ghosts, dire straits
    is what we gon' have these pinks' houses in, I'm housing 'em
    gasoline, kerosine, acetylene dousing 'em
    they about to break down, psyhologic, neurologic
    because where was they logic when they moved into my shit
    I'm a reverse-erasist, what the-fuck's a reverse-racist?
    it's nothing for me to walk up on 'em to they faces
    better pay rent for just inhabiting earth
    now nothing but ya' deaths will make my life worthwhile
    first-of-all, you'll never acknowledge who ordered my murder
    and those of the other black leaders who made you whites nervous
    don't even try to come at me as a sympathizer
    you're a false-peace, co-exist preaching synthesizer
    with the military backing you, and so I'll dismantle 'em
    seek 'em out, if they in my streets, I'm a' spangle 'em
    their minds gone, babbling shit about mother goose
    my presence allone will crush ya' grapefruit into juice
    I'm bigger than your armed forces, trigger all the bombs on you
    pin it on the bankers' third anti-christ is all you'll do
    you'll never in ya' life petition against what I'm a' do
    'cause I'm lincoln with a mind to lose u.s. 'cause I'm a fool
    I went this hard because your god's not ours at all
    to forfeit ya' lives for forging on the souls of our soil..the end...

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    Default the news of my n.o.o.s.

    ...the meek still moving like he winning, others talking 'bout he losing
    some shit they gon' have to get used to, is how we'll lose 'em, poof 'em
    this ain't a gimmick, see me in ya' face, you got you a nice finish
    I'm pushing 50, curtis still whistling, I'll be outside wit' him
    my south philly nigga used to go to queens to ride in they war
    same time the 2-7 verses 2-4 shit been going on
    same time ole' dirty bastid hiding out from the law
    in my 'hood, way before I found I am Allah
    remained on my philly exclusive shit to enforce the borders
    came to the conclusion these bitches want me in storage
    I never slouched though, I ain't a tourist, I'm a' torment
    ay'body who owe me, as a hobby on some just-cause shit
    who else caught in this crossfire other than the pinks
    any other outsiders outside vs skippin' quick
    no arab can speak for vs niggas, that loud-mouth
    of his got his own words reversing on his own purse
    s.p. gon' finish it, n.p. gon' white flag it
    because what else the-fuck you gon' do 'bout them white faggots
    masochistic how I'm a' have white fans with swasticas
    tattoo'd on 'em raving they way to the wasp killas
    I told you adolf's my nigga, wasn't lying, you can find him
    grinding, short-order cooking, and falling back with his wifey
    brother's a true heart, the noble wolf alongside nimrod [confuson corrected at later date]
    israel ain't got a prayer nor a chance in hell for boxing god
    shed blood, tzu-wu the abel bodied, cain running
    I beat a dead horse 'til my bat make crazy glue from it
    suh'm's bound to stick in y'all i.q.'s about my views
    media can't escape nor downplay the news of my noos...
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    Cruise in a coup, chicken heads flew to the coop
    Few i recruit but if u choose to pursue the troops salute the group
    Dont got time for back stabbin womem back at the beggining with nothing to show but discontent and distant friendships
    Feeling disconnected no answer to simple questions

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

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    Default penna.tentiary chances

    ...mymah walking off the cruise ship with more vigor to do shit
    the ideas in my skullcap to infest the tube with
    don't mix my food, it's seperated for nourishment
    don't think I'm crude 'cause I'm dessimating your heritage
    for attempting to fuse with any parts of my black brand
    me and magdalene pimp-smacked kings with the back hand
    taking pinks' housing to give back to the black man
    woman and child, s.p. back on our land mass
    state property style pennitentary chances taken
    to a.c. is where I drawn the game in
    I'm a.c., club harlem made me famous
    seventy -two, nobody said shit, so return the favor
    and return the natives to makas, The Father's saying it
    satan's sinagogue rots away to shit,
    never got away with shit...I ain't got to wait for shit
    the work I put in, you couldn't bench the weight of it
    if I'm achilles niggas, know what I'm holding down
    philadelphia hell'd me down 'til they hold me down
    never let the outside in, they'll be inside-out
    time's up, for them there's no way in and no way out
    the silence is on, and so then I'm a' speak for my people
    holy war, holy clothes see-thru, holy shit steaming
    nine-eleven is a joke to me, can't get a note from me
    that 2001 movie idea got its score from me
    false flags and false peace get you all dragged thru your own feces
    niggas never got to know themselves, I ain't gon' teach 'em
    white jews want to replace blacks like seth allegedly did abel
    seth's the same entity who whispered in cain's ear how to slay me
    genesis, open and shut, my arch nemesis, open his gut
    that's a 666change luscius wanna' drill, his throat 'bout to get pumped
    next day, finger on my number wanting a truce
    but a snake is a snake, and that's all that is to it...RESERECT MY DICK, and that's all that is to it...every bitch my pick who I screw then
    black is the only hue that I move with
    to sort out to truth and destroy all out to confuse shit...

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    Default day 36

    ...shit starts off on a murder scene, close up the movie set
    one take is all it take, I show up to shoot a sketch
    drawing on the blocks of the ox with the aks, safeties off
    traffic between shifts of crossing guards once hades on
    I tossed my work out, who picked it up, is it them or us
    who's picking up my word, listening up, what's the end for us
    got thru it, seen to it the intruders not into us
    I will leave their body fluids flooding every conduit
    the trump'd card on his vague shit, and swearing in on my book
    what ritual over my dead body got my life took?
    look, I'm angel dust, cremated and risen from the ash tray
    not pheonix but in philly where dead niggas live the brash way
    having you beyond scared straight and looking for the straight jacket
    I'll find you in the psych ward, lost you as a blood-stained maggot
    was too close to the truth for me to let you live, that's all it is
    you ain't siphoning my god power, ya'll done lost y'all wigs
    got lucypher in my camp, you thinking that he's your mole
    when I treat her like my bitch though, I see that you don't know... powerfull the-fuck I am, I see you done dug your hole...
    ...and I was dug from the china syndrom, black but not as coal
    any of 'em talk that arian shit, I'm airing 'em quick
    and evidence of niggas from mars got them on they pivot
    out to take our black women, having them bear their children
    and worshipping them and their god they made up in their image
    so when I war on these women, the wu'ether sorts out my definition
    manson on his death bed, they no longer can abort their mission
    the game on his last leg, before he bump into the back lash
    this is my house, the game drafted now by the backdraft
    dumb bitches ain't ever learn shit since dancing that wu-tang
    gods should heed every word I speak, 'cause I ain't the wu' fan
    not to discredit, but I'm original from the ki stone
    my origin though got 12 o'clock locked until he see tone
    that is I, me and me' gone, out our minds, give us free dome
    me all we got, and that's saying a lot, to keep me goin'
    my philly franchise I put up against any slick wise
    talking ass, formaldehyde 'em like donald's french fries
    this the light work, from a broad daylighter, set 'em all up
    with the broads they like, when they turned on, they lights turned off
    that's the war they might get, white eye'd witnesses
    petrified into brittle and best not mention shit...
    philadelphia, wut...I recognized it
    I got uncommon logic, and I know how to make the profit
    israel can test that, get his estate ate with them hammers
    he wise enough though to let israel the state get ate by them hamas
    bumblin-ass trump don't know policy, he on some "golly gee"
    under duress by business partners nonetheless who propped his seat
    got malcom x'd stressed in a corner trying a' work prophecy
    to his pocket, that's why he should see me out to abolish him
    trigger a nigga'nometry, obama's sense his father's plea
    if philly's real...but it don't matter, 'cause I'm The Father, see
    archangel micha'el trying to reign hell to save himself
    but Heel-Heal is me, the definition of He'll myself...

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    Default kos and the holy cost

    ...I wants revenge, and that's that, on every nigga who hell'd me down
    and to put on for all my niggas who held me down
    nobody's escaping shit, no outsider getting in
    my familiar crazy is the only shit I'd respect
    my familia crazy, no essay was ever written
    to touch the surface of it, no ese will ever get in
    where there is no room to fit in, this galilee about now
    population: one, until I won, there's no route to bow out
    so the emes in el lay, don't listen to that gang-gang shit
    the beans' talk tried summoning, I be on my GHENGIS shit
    dwight grant is just a worker, he ain't calling shots 'round here
    he's the broad street boule' nigga, he ain't got a thought 'bout this
    and any spies around gods gon' get choked up by my rope, 'cuz
    my noos meant for necks, and my truth's ya' only hope, blood
    thought I was meek, so the meek's inheriting the earth is the theme
    got his name in ya' mouth, I'm in ya' mouth, and you can taste da'feet
    any discrepencies can be worked out, but my franchise is solid
    and on ya' inseems if you got any dreams to get outta' pocket
    see, contract music is my forte', all day with these verses
    on the daily basis in all ways, 'cause they always try earthing
    me, burying me alive or dead in dirt they do behind doors
    and I be on my binge to jack-off, bitches beyond lost
    put him on ice, call him jac' frost, israel's that false
    I been shot to death two many times, nigga', that costs
    when I'm caught up, I ain't mentally lost, bitch, and that's boss
    in my Phillies gear, the wack niggas shoulda' been backed off
    you'll be telling us "GODDAMU PA!" RUde awa-
    kenings via the underground railroad be on the way
    the angels gon' want their culture in-tact, so they disconnecting
    y'all rabblerousers from off they map, thinking y'all gon' set shit
    I told o.g. he can't have mine back in '96
    all this land's mine, you'll get landmine'd just for talking shit
    not being up on my dialogue, you'd think this is chaos and holocaust
    but what I'm made of is K.O.S. and the Holy Cost
    a sayonce cannot ward me off, I'm trying to walk off my day job
    twenty-one years of putting in work, how's it s'posed to pay off
    between me and me', the double m on that bookie shit
    what u owe us, we bill collectors, no rookies here...
    ...bibi gon' get rocked, I need ay' bit of my profits
    u.s. gon' be shocked, I'm the one who making the profit...
    and the con's my brother, and by-the-books how I taught him
    not to make one false move against me in search of stardom...

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    Default unlike

    ...gods gon' be lost in the stone age if we ain't on the same page
    adam's apple ain't saying much, the big apple not from the same cage
    as us, that's the bottom line, and it's been about that time
    to matriculate into my school, no sign on the dotted line
    the silencers on, serial sawed, these serials mafia'd up
    just add milk and your serial's soft and not about much
    nyc nigga talkin' 'bout he'll kill philly niggas, I want his head
    that was february the twenty-second of two thousand ten
    I spazzed out and he acted like he ain't hear a word I said
    there's two kinds of burials though, alive and after ya' dead
    my oldhead ben told me to fall back and let him live
    but that was strike number two, and won't be a third I'm a' give
    it'll be another subway car locked, daylight to midnight meat train
    another jaw locked, think I'm soft, then call me candy man
    one hunnid twenty lessons? shiii, count up my verses then
    from the 13th floor on up or down, they're my lessons then
    I tried to do shit civilized, now it's a pile a' clips now
    I shoot shit out first, then I teach, see how fast you git down
    I was dead on arrival there, born to survive you here
    black mafia my killers, my mode of survival's fear
    you'd have that I'm a' find you and take out my frustratiions
    my nerves sunny side-up sizzling without bacon
    I got strong enough to take shit while on my day shift
    living amongst crazy shit, raised up in satan's gist
    and since you doubt, I gotta' spell it out, save ya' breath
    we unlike you, no other's stories relate to our depths...

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    Default day 42

    ..well, I can be back at galilee and police can't gather me
    no church can rally me, and no white can fathom me
    no black can pass for me, no act is casting me
    I raise my hand to say "I'm present", but there's no class for me
    find me in your comment sections manifesting
    against the anti-development of my own plan's intentions
    now, you wanna' entertain the trump card but wasn't on-guard
    from-the-jump, gods shoulda' known I'd show up scarred
    deep in the brain tissue, will sneeze 'til your brain missing
    you shout where you from 'til where I'm from ain't a place, is it
    you can't fight without the ground under your feet 'cause you ain't pigeons
    and you can't breathe over here with that shit that your face shittin'
    you can't consume enough ex-lax, can't use up enough scott rolls
    I endorse my brothers though, been sick, with more than enough colds
    been on that cough syrup with they pancakes since the '80s, been throwed
    in the one big city here whose real stories never been honed
    throw us a stray bone, we owning ya' neckbone
    you bark, when we branch out to your neckroll, you strep-throat...

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    Default achilles in philadelphia, this shit bigger than you and me
    we got a bigger responsibilty to reduce truancy
    school these youngins a better way for better days
    don't get led to the strays 'cause you was led astray
    I'm not here for petty game or a rep to claim
    y'all got a rise outta' me now, tzu-wu 's my name
    invisible blood move through my veins and arterials
    which enemy you want to find me out, before my people do
    that's why I went in hard, more than eleven years deep so far
    no settlement reached so far nor wack niggas deceased so far
    I'm a broad-daylighter, don't be a moonlit-up homo-thug
    shit ain't real 'til sombeody dies now, and you owe vs blood
    all over the u.s. I be owning 'em, not condoning shit
    that don't apply to my rules, and I don't mind controlling this
    when the angels give up the wack nigga, we'll talk ownership
    you keep that, and I got this, that kinda' tone to shit
    now, let's go deeper when speaking thru woofers and tweeters
    I need to elevate myself from the elevator they leaked me in
    need to educate myself out from this ignorant heathen beast
    levitate my health and welfare beyond this system's reach
    I was murdered in dc, and I was murdered in new york county
    but they can't murder me in philly, maybe suh'm won't allow it
    well, these be the three capitals of the colonies and country
    follow me if you want to get off the list of being the hunted
    I got them small hats hog-tied, ready to be carved up
    when I go ham how I was brought up as a small buck
    my mah' bought her incense from the muslims, they had islamic pamphlets
    she copped them, got me off the porkchops by kindergarten catholic
    now all I see is cover-ups by synagogues of satin
    inside-jobs out-the-ass and that nigga' luc' offering asperin
    them black bitches must want him dead 'cause they ain't want me brought to life
    for shit, kept me out they life as if they had the right to
    my survival wit eclipse them nit-wits too dim-lit to like me
    trying to turn philadelphia's meaning to brothers who like dick
    since lucyfer tried to try me, so I had to call him my bitch
    who was dug up in ethiopia, lsd couldn't do shit
    'cause he tried to move on the whole city with that fluke shit
    had a boxing nigga shoot to the bx to be toothpicked
    came back down to earth, got stepped to, acted like he ain't knew shit
    you'z a fag' mac, and that's all that's to it, and you know what you'll get
    guts freefalling from the abdomen, dumb bitches can't save you bitch
    I'm achilles, pussy-asses passing for straight ain't anywhere near safe
    in any parts of philly, and this is why these boule' grounds should fear me
    all the length of I-95 got no lane to steer clear of me...

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