Nice with the spirits off the quest like I知 final fantasy
Read it reddit dead it dead ass in classes I知 vastly summon these vassals
Coming down from the heads of states
Aid in awake shade click, click
Snipe, snipe snip the quips
Spit flames coming out the box
Heat wave and captain cold
Bossing up boldy james
Microwave you lames, cooking popcorn in the kitchen
Spit wisdom over you frying pan emcees
You still ain稚 up to my level of doughnuts and cheesecakes
So you making runs cross bridges and tunnels
I知 giving you orders like Diddy to Da Band
Who痴 the nicest, who痴 the top 5 dead or alive
Gimme a sec while I snap off the list
Nas, Red, Bis,G-Rap and whoever痴 left
I値l take some EM, Ghost, RZA and Meth over nowadays
Or hit e知 up with some Skampoe, Shifter and Stylemaster on the playlist
Throw it left when I hit e知 with my favorite duos
Like Can OX and Outkast or some 8Ball and MJG
How about Camu Tao and Copywrite or Mos and Talib
Or throw some b-boy document by High and Mighty
You know I知 a classic like The Purple Tape
Or dropping heat with banned content like Pharaoh Monch
So much on my list like MJ eating popcorn in Thriller
I知 iller with no filler, filter always off kilter

This is mine, never know
What I値l speak and spell
Hit e知 all the way the gates of hell