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Thread: Rhymes For Days (Just A Rap)

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    Default Rhymes For Days (Just A Rap)

    This Is Just A Rap, So I'll Wrap You In Seramics, Flows Elastic, Your Fake....Plastic
    Tragic When You Bring Static, I'll Summon Zeus, Spittin In Ya Face With Electric Food
    Don't Bite Or Get A Torched Tooth, Electricfied Like Keys To Kites, I Got Rhymes Life, WTF DID I TELL YOU..
    ..Dont Bite Or Repent Like A Serpents Advice, I'm Certain At This Device Of Mind
    What You About? Only Time Your Spittin Bars Is When U Got A Glock In Ya Mouth
    You Wanna Huddle Beef? It'll Take More Then A QB And Ya Team To Pass Ya A Punchline For Me
    I Can Keep It Biblical, Poture The First Born, Reign Sulfer But Im More Then A Tornado Inferno
    Or Spreading Seas, You Cant Match Me, Im So Sick, Im Spreading A New Teen Disease
    Just By Me Spittin, I Got More Then SARS And HIV Mixed In 1 Flow, You Can Tell This Isnt Written, you see?
    I Guess Im Psychic, My Telekineses Is A Reason For Ya Treason Of Hip-Hop, Your Just Flowing The Mainstream

    Just A Quick Verse, Appreciate Some Feed!!!

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    Default Re: Rhymes For Days (Just A Rap)

    You were quite experimental with your words, but it was alright. You brought in a lot of lyrics, shows you were thinking on how to bring it.


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    yeh thos other 2 songs i posted aint shit, ive been experimenting with another flow....i hate that Wu dick ride ninja bullshit people spit, and all that crap they spit and they dont even know wtf their talkin about...lol...i do, but its not good all the time to spit like that...cause then u get over your own head and u sould like total crap...strait up....nothing bad with metaphores....but people get over what they really can say..

    so hence....just a rap

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    Default Re: Rhymes For Days (Just A Rap)


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    Default Re: Rhymes For Days (Just A Rap)


    I sew...
    beautiful seeds that sprout flowers thatís deeply rooted
    your weak style-diluted with concepts thatís so polluted
    my words flourish, creating jewels the conscious will cherish ...

    -- Dae Ja Nae


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    Default Re: Rhymes For Days (Just A Rap)

    thank you!!!

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