You always see violence in movies
Don’t catch wreck
And be appliance to the science
Behind this
In depths of the ocean
Where sharks be swimming
JAWS!!! To Jawas, cows to cowherds
Nouns to verbs
draw up mind states to herbs
You ain’t got nothing to scavenge
Mars to magic acrobatics never that kind of static
Spick to span verbs be spun like spider webs son
Switch blade off the land raised
Had a journey’s man made
Spit never splurging
Paying rent, grinding for mine
Watches get Timex
Check my calculations
Need me a Casio watch
No swatch to ask who’s next
Pop more socks than complex
Napoleon dynamite when the time is right
This wasn’t a era this was a Paul bearer
Bringing your flow to a funeral
I’m the undertaker
Giving your girl that last ride
Before I tombstone pile drive
You to heaven
Where no sword will cut cha down