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Thread: 44 4'S (Sheep Lord classic)

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    Default 44 4'S (Sheep Lord classic)

    In simplistic terms my forty-forth versed
    Occurred today at four-forty prime time meridian/
    Making the verse forty four bars
    Longer than the last four/
    First off I spit flows versed
    Wit four syllables a sentence/
    Wit no more than four hundred
    And forty vowels in it/
    Per page exclaim making my name a warning four times alarming
    Hoping that four hundred and forty four million/
    Would hear it over radios, cassettes, CDs & downloadable mp3s
    In over forty countries through forty provinces/
    I researched it for forty four days coming out of my fortress
    As a lyrical assassin, I thought if Bis could do thirty three threes/
    That I could do forty four fours wit no timid ways I bore
    Or make the core snore flow wit flames at forty four hundred degrees/
    Spinning turbines at speeds of forty four hundred miles per hour
    Going faster than the fourth fastest on the face of the earth/
    Making four lanes of distance with four inches between us
    Before we clash, crash and burn up wit four degree burns/
    Taking forty laps making forty turns then four climbs up four hills
    Showing I got forty fourths of the skills that demand four times/
    Of what occurs naturally built it properly with forty fourth & a four
    Making squares into fourths after halves were divided in fours/
    Knowing the verbs, nouns, sounds and pronouns canceling
    Four shows in four different time zones in four different cities/
    Four on NBC, four on CBS, four on ABC, four on FOX making the other four rewarding by renewing the other four after four great episodes unloading four times/
    Of The budget before the fourth season with four times the records spins
    Than four of the other before the four that were considered ahead/
    Dead em put em to bed wit forty four bars making four classics
    After four tours and four movies then we took four vacations/
    Making forty four babies hoping to labor just with forty four
    Sets of mothers giving me twenty two daughters and twenty two sons/
    Making it forty four offspring giving me a reason take my forty forth LP
    To the masses making it come true with the forty fourth nomination/
    In forty four years after four plagues for forty four different albums
    Made in the last forty four years out lasting forty four of my peers/
    My name went down in history as the sickest emcee
    Rewind it and count it forty four fours/

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    see how they hit us with jay-z's 444 piece
    yesterday, on 6.30 all day, more to come, peace...

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    this took me allot of studying and listening to Bis' 33 3's

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