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Thread: Something I've always wondered about Canibus

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotnikks View Post
    lol CJ is tripping man. Theres no delays in posting whatsoever!
    CJ's library needs new computerz hahahahaha!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
    Thanks for your hate hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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    i hate this new forum...

    and yeah CJ liked Canibus i backed him on that before.

    nevertheless hahahah.

    as a younger kid compared to y'all old sorry asses ha i love Canibus and hes in my top 5 doa give or take depending on the day (he's my fifth spot) so i switch depending on my mood or the day.

    Second Round KO was released on Can-I-Bus and that album was garbage. i didnt grow up in the 90's able to follow all the talk but im saying in the hardcore hip hop realm 2000 BC and a lot of Canibus' release hold weight to this day. meaning i still bang them fuckers.

    so really i cant comment on the battle type shit like we were all listening to him one vs one battling people back in the day. his diss' are a different story and tbh i dont care for 'em. i just listen to what he writes and lays down on a mic and y'all mental if you think the shit aint hard...

    oh and the whole LL spit tracks for the ladies... so did 'Bis,

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    wish rtj infinity came out

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