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Thread: prepare for d. day

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    Default prepare for d. day

    ...now, I'm 'bout to prepare a d. day speech, my era is me
    the bearer of h20 though would live near to the beach
    to my audience, whatever ethnicity you fall under
    all the black bitch had to do was see my dick and fall on it
    all a nigga had to do then would be to call on me
    'cause I'd know I'm dealing with a straight nig', no homo'ness
    all the zoos belong to me, housing tenemants to homeowners
    all the views for y'all to see atone's mind, heart, and cajonas
    so without further ado, viewer discretion is advised
    when in observance of truth, don't convince yourself that it's a lie
    the 5 stars stamped on my last two threads was a surprise to me
    appreciate it, the 5-star pentagram contrived the leak
    of bloods samples I bathed in for a spell, put on to the world
    affairs by empire record's lucius, though I hadn't vol-
    unteered, the hot slugs just brought me here, uhu, shot down to hell
    and there's no way you telling me it wasn't from mosque number twelve
    but I'm just buttering you up for the next verse that's to come
    I'm a' break out from d. day for sure, he knows not what he's done
    that he's done, holly would get him done in, I won't front when
    he confronts me and ask what he's done for this kind of run-in
    and all I know is nothing outside can commandeer our cause
    look alive when you about to die, or cut that bitch off...[this movie has no rating]...

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    Default get out

    ..yeah, so G. and D. nabbed from the blacks by the white entity
    and has me the O. about give D. up to his white fiance'
    for marriage, and he don't see, and I'm not privy to relay to him
    that he just had put me in a bind against what I stand for
    by making me the best man, so I'm helping to give GOD up
    to this white human biproduct, when they know that they time's up
    the black women ain't admit they part but still manage to fault us
    brothers, this is the end, I'm kamikazi for all us
    shit comes at a time when final moves are being made on us
    harlem knew all three of us, south philly bore all three of us
    wherever hip-hop was founded allegedly, they never found us
    G. was born in '68, he was moses, be astounded
    also known as marcus garvey, yeah, my cousin mosi
    passed away from aortal malfunction, y'all shoulda' known G.
    he married into white '92, I ain't give thought much to it
    did moses give away knowledge to greeks like I read paul did
    see, I was putting shit together, began giving G. lessons
    about himself, trying a' wake him up, but they wouldn't let him
    died in new jerusalem 'cross the bridge, in his sleep
    august two thousand nine, the slot of G. is for his keep
    and D. my other cousin is G.'s younger brother
    born seventy-two, harlem musta' known him once as bumpy
    been a hot-headed brother, read books, sports pursued 'em
    aspired to be a doctor, had smarts, stayed into shit
    gave me the mumps and the measles and chicken pox, he was lethal
    but I'm a' do what I gots' to do now to keep the heathen's
    hands off of GOD, I dunno know how, but I'm on some shit
    that superfly got nothing on, to get out this grip
    of a bind, whether by hypnotic design D. was fostered on this
    I'm the one closest born after my death in foster projects
    twenty months and two days, so I was conceived less than a year
    after being shot to death, shot to hell where s.p. is
    the mouth of a beast, look at the map for the shock value
    clarence 13x was known in harlem, now know who I am
    see I ain't have the time when I visited my old school
    last year [2016] on my birth date, to be bothered by those fools
    who thought to provoke me, their Sun, to go old school
    in '13 in s.p. they shut down my old school
    smith academic plus elementary boarded up
    end my world, I'll end yours, fair enough? y'all short of luc'
    I have israel hell'd hostage now, jacob in trouble
    yeah, yakub in trouble, bitch, don't try to change the subject...
    [world bank heist still in progress...long drawn-out process...]

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    Default Precip

    prepare for D-day there is no replay
    no repay no refund no debit or credit
    no raincheck
    her mind stay wet with the cum drops
    polo until the toe tops
    stop the drivel its trivial
    marvel at the capes
    my capes be bathing apes
    masterpieces no weight
    on MSNBC no debate
    tale of the tape
    McGregor vs Mayweather
    fate is a feather cap
    better use an app for that
    leave you stretched thin
    the beast is coming from within
    spit spin the webbing
    i'm lethal with my tape dubbing
    bad english making you eat it
    godzilla stomping
    finish the sentence
    my apprentice
    see you like teeth see a dentist

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    Default path of totality

    the idiocy of my black people serves the purpose
    of protecting me as I rant my wrath, from being murdered
    I'll repeat that, dumb niggas not getting me are protecting me
    from being killed again, and I'm a' use that as a shield, effectively
    what we call the system is scratching their heads still trying to live
    on us and still trying to get rid of us, my being got 'em stumped
    I'm domestic, not an immigrant, my black ancestors, on the backs of them
    this country was built, free labor, counted out still, that amount builds
    the enemy does what it can, you allow them for allowance
    plant their white sheep into our camps for some knowledge on how to oust us
    I'm past the point of being provoked about it and still counter them
    since they ain't ever go about proper protocol, I won't acknowledge them
    because they need your approval for them to execute you
    I interfere with their illustration of their own future
    desperation shows their perspiration, pose, their ends waiting
    nose all up in my information, knows not what they in
    where I'm at now is in the mouth of the chesapeake, steadily
    motion in the ocean, time is approaching, my destiny
    pushing forward with the rotors, soldiers of my pedigree
    unfolding, your closet space cleaned out the most with mortars
    I will book another cruise, bring sand to the beach with me
    an hourglass freak for me, each hour pass, she flips for me
    I'm back on the I-95 north now, I-76 bound
    not the mile high, but the city where the brothers ready to get down
    will see now who's listening, who's following where my pen move to
    and the keys I push for the streets adjustment to the fiends new groove
    I'm back home at the palace, whose backbone and whose palates
    got residue from the phallus of the grafted, like fruit salads
    I'll kill them, I'll kill you, and that's that, you don't believe me
    don't matter, bone marrow bullet-ridden, corked your breathing
    I see the whites still roaming freely through our energy
    niggas embrace the enemy, you all paying the penalty
    that was simply put, rhetoric repetative
    the era you neglected to script got no medicine
    we sick, there's no antibodies, inflict death on any bodies
    and I ain't going through this shit again, not for anybody...it's war eternal...

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