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Thread: Book Recommendations

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    The Awakening of Intelligence- Krishnamurti

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    fingerptonts of god- graham hancock

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    Underboss - Peter Maas

    its about Sammy the Bull and how snitched on John Gotti and the rest of Gambino family.

    i could not put that shit down. first time i had ever read a book in two days. great read from front to back.

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    Masters of the far east by Spalding
    Art of Graveyardpoetry
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    Vitamin Bible- Earl Mindells
    Blackman of The Nile- Yosef ben Jochannan
    A History Of Ufo Crashes- Kevin D. Randle
    The Anatomy of The Zulu Army From Shaka to Cetshwayo 1818-1879- Ian Knight
    The Constituton of The United States- David P Currie
    The Book Your Church Doesnt Want You To Read
    Rhe longevity Solution- Cass Ingram
    The Extra-Terrestrial Life debate 1750-1900
    The Teachings Of Ptahhotep
    El Katub Sh'il El Mawut- Dr Malachi Z York
    The Biography of Satan
    A Jailhouse Lawyer Manual -Andrew cameron
    Rights Of Indigenious People- Taj Tarik bey (this book may be difficult to find)

    The Afro-American World Almanac- Ross D. Brown
    The Respiratory Solution- Cass Ingram
    The Lost Treasure Of King Juba- Frank Joseph
    Planet X and The Coming Of The Guardians- Commander X

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    does anyone have a good, unbiased book about general smedley butler and the alleged attempted fascist coup of the US government, whose participants included irenee dupont and prescott bush?

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    Science And Health With key To The Scriptures-Mary Baker Eddy

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    the Tibetan book of the dead need to get another copy of this though

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    the murder reality- pierre sabak

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    black economics: solutions for ecomonimc and community empowerment - jawanza kunjufu

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    Hey Fatal, have you read UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record by Leslie Kean? Excellent read imo.

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    heard of it have read it yet i'll put it on my list

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    New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency, John Seymour

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    i posted this in the Scriptures forum but that place is dead outside of the comic book thread

    but a book called

    NAM: And the Men and Woman Who Fought There by Mark Baker

    fantastic read, and a good look into the mind of a vietnam vets from pre war to post war

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