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Thread: Book Recommendations

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    The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind- graham hancock

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    Mirrors : Stories of almost everyone - Eduardo Galeano

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    Water Margin AKA Outlaws of the Marsh - Shi Nai'an
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms AKA Three Kingdoms - Luo Guanzhong
    Journey to the West - Wu Cheng'en
    Dream of the Red Chamber AKA The Story of the Stone - Cao Xueqin
    The Plum in the Golden Vase AKA Golden Lotus - Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng

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    Confucius from the Heart: Ancient Wisdom for Today's World [Paperback]
    Yu Dan (Author)

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    Narcissus and Goldmund - Hermann Hesse

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    recently read -

    Galsan Tschinang - The Nine Dreams of Genghis Khan (great book on life of ghenghis khan)

    Jeff Cheng - Can't stop, won't stop (hip hop history and also a lot of talk about politics/economics, culture etc... great read)

    Ernest Hemingway - For whom the bell tolls

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    From Babylon to Timbuktu - Rudolph Windsor
    Nature Knows No Color Line - J.A. Rogers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kephrem View Post
    From Babylon to Timbuktu - Rudolph Windsor
    Nature Knows No Color Line - J.A. Rogers
    both are great reads

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    Anacalypsis part 1&2- Godfrey Higgins
    teachings of ptahhotep
    shambhala- victoria lepage
    the divine new order-gabriel of sedona
    the cosmic family- gabriel of sedona
    the robots rebellion- david icke
    the story of mankind- hendrik willem van loon
    The Philosophy & Opinions of Marcus Garvey- amy jacques garvey

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    just bought this

    The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-Hop and the Gods of New York

    Originating as a cluster of outcasts from the Nation of Islam's Harlem mosque in the 1960s, the Five Percenters are hugely important in modern pop culture, counting 50 Cent and The Wu-Tang Clan among their ranks. Knight's compelling work is the first detailed account of the movement, which is inextricably linked with black empowerment, Islam, New York, and hip hop. It contains unrivalled insider access to the movement's elders, oral histories, and community literature.

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    im going to buy this when it drops
    ... ...

    The Wu-Tang Clan and RZA: A Trip through Hip Hop's 36 Chambers
    by Alvin Blanco ...NEW FROM BN.COM $44.95 List Price
    $42.73 Online Price
    (You Save 4%) .


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    This item will be available on Apr 30, 2011.
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    Tell the publisher you want this in NOOKbook format ... ..Customer Reviews
    Customer Rating:

    .Be the first to write a review! Overview - The Wu-Tang Clan and RZA
    Product Details
    Pub. Date: April 2011
    Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated
    Format: Hardcover , 240pp
    Sales Rank: 417,898
    Series: Hip Hop in America Series
    ISBN-13: 9780313384424
    ISBN: 0313384428

    This insightful biography looks at the turbulent lives, groundbreaking music and lyrics, and powerful brand of hip hop's infamous Wu-Tang Clan.

    More Reviews and Recommendations
    Editorial Reviews - The Wu-Tang Clan and RZAFrom the Publisher
    The Wu-Tang Clan and RZA: A Trip Inside the 36 Chambers chronicles the rise of the Wu-Tang Clan from an underground supergroup to a globally recognized musical conglomerate. Enhanced by the author's one-on-one interviews with group members, the book covers the entire Wu-Tang Clan catalog of studio albums, as well as albums that were produced or heavily influenced by producer/rapper RZA.
    Wu-Tang Clan's albums are analyzed and discussed in terms of their artistry as well as in terms of their critical, cultural, and commercial impact. By delving into the motivation behind the creation of pivotal songs and albums and mining their dense metaphor and wordplay, the book provides an understanding of what made a team of nine friends and relatives from Staten Island with a love of Kung Fu movies into not just a music group, but a powerful cultural movement.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wordman View Post
    just bought this

    The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-Hop and the Gods of New York
    I read it. Good read. Insightful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
    I read it. Good read. Insightful.
    loving it right now...thanks

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    dont know if the books been mention but

    Noam Chomksy- What Uncles Sam Really Wants

    book deal with the 3rd world, invasion on Panama, etc.

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