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Unfortunately I'm only just now receiving my pre-ordered copy today. I had to message Nature Sounds and ask what was up with the delay. Apparently to those that ordered the Deluxe Bundle (nobody) there was an issue with the manufacturing of the exclusive T-shirts and they were behind schedule by at least a week, maybe 2. They did offer the Digital Download on release day, but since it was 256kbps and not 320kbps like listeners want, I passed on that. Seems like no artist website is offering 320kbps for their digital copies, which is a shameful setback for record labels trying to stop torrenting. I figure I can just rip my physical CD in 320k with WinAmp, edit the metadata with MP3Tag, and load it on my oldschool SanDisk MP3 Player (yes I still have one of those - my phone isn't my 'everything' I like to keep my battery alive memory cleared up and music on its' own device - fuck an iPod cuz fuck iTunes forced file conversions).

Now as I'm sitting waiting for the package to arrive, the Tracking goes 'out-of-service-at-this-time' on USPS. And to think, I paid an extra $17 for shipping. Smh.

Just a forewarning to any who might be wondering where is their Deluxe package.
Got my deluxe in the mall today (except vinyl of course).