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Thread: Dreddy Kruger

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    nightmare from hell was a false rumored album started by supreme kourt (rip) who was sunz of man's producer who wanted to use dreedys accapellas over his beats and bootleg that shit for his own purposes,he bootlegged a whole lotta other sunz shit and when dreddy and sunz found out about this,they beat his ass to pulp and kicked him outta the wu

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    holy shit this was the info i was looking for thank you

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    no prob

    dreddy is back in studio tho so expect some shit from him and a new royal fam album soon

    also black castle is soon to be rereleased


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    for some odd reason I always thought dreddy krueger was killa priest, thought I read it in the wu-tang manual or in the liquid swords booklet or something.

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