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    whats the word on this, what do ya kno

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    Yes, a few things...

    1. This will be the last MGS as Hideo Kojima is stepping down after this game is finished so enjoy it!

    2. You will play Solid Snake and apparently he will be pretty old in this one. As well as sporting a high tech eye patch called the Solid Eye. now no word on if he still has his original eye underneath it but it'll serve as his way of seeing things like night vision, thermal goggles and radar.

    Acording to rumor Snake will have this horrible cough that will creep up from time to time throughout the game, sugessting all those years of smoking have finally caught up to him... Regardless of snakes appearance as being an old man, this game takes place only a few years after the events in MGS2. It has been confirmed that Snake's old age is a side effect of advanced cell degeneration (a result of his cloned genes and the imperfect technology used to clone Big Boss) and not necessarily of the game's setting.

    3. The theme for the game, "No Place To Hide" refers to the new style of play. Stealth will still remain primary but the old ways of hiding will almost no longer apply as environments are destructable enemies will be able to shoot down or blow up walls to get to you, or ever turn over cars. So you will have to be creative in order to stay covered.

    4. Snake will be litterally dropped in the middle of an urban warzone, with multiple armies going at each other. hinting that a world war has broken out with metal gears known as Gekkou being the main weapon of choice, massed produced and as common as the machine gun in WWII.

    That's all I know as of now
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