Quite possibly the greatest singer of our lifetime.

The women love him.

The Holy Spirit shows up when he sings.

He makes long grey hair look cool.

I present to you: The son of a preacher man, born Texan, The Blessed, the Enlightened, The One, The Only:


Former lead singer for the classic group The Gaither Vocal Band. For those who don't know, The Gaither Vocal Band is like the Wu Tang Clan of Gospel music! Bill Gaither is like the abbot of the Gaither Band, but Guy Penrod was their most marketable and famous member. He always stole the show.

You may have seen some of their legendary performances on ETV over the years. They put on some legendary shows in Jerusalem.

What this man has done with music, Hip Hop hasn't even come close to evolving to and replicating yet. For example, Guy Penrod will immerse himself into an audience and sing and get the entire audience involved and not even take a stage.

First of all, the guy is so OG he doesn't even record music videos. He just goes place to place and puts on classic, live performances. Music videos are for video hoes. Guy keeps it street and stays on tour almost year round.

He's on tour and swinging through SC in April and I'd be a sap to miss his show.

When Guy Penrod sings, the best band players volunteer to back him up along with choirs of a 100 people.

I think it is funny that faggots still listen to Jay-Z, Kanye West, or mumble rap in 2018. I invested thousands of dollars into my SUV's sound system so that I could drown out their bullshit with Guy Penrod's classics!!! I'm exorcising demons with Penrod serenades at intersections. The millennial fruitcakes give up and turn off their gay rap and bask in fulfillment of their spirit.

People (fake corporate conglomerate fake news media cartel shills) claim that President Trump lacks class. But when I heard that President Trump invited Guy Penrod to perform at the Presidential inauguration ball, I immediately knew that he had more class than Obama ever dreamed was possible. Obama's wack ass parties were full of wack ass, played out rappers and Beyonce in drag. That shit is for pre-teen, fatherless black faggots who watch Moonlight on re-run. Donald Trump would have stepped aside and allowed Guy Penrod to get sworn in as president if he could.

Some of you wu corp dorks don't realize that the best musicians, the real musicians who your clown producers sample, came from the gospel scene. Al Greene. James Brown. Aretha Franklin. Sam Cooke. Ray Charles, Patti LaBelle Mahalia Jackson. Duke Ellington. Dinah Washington. Stevie Wonder. Martin Luther King Jr.'s favorite song was "Precious Lord" by Mahalia Jackson.

This song is upbeat and Guy Penrod shows off his range

As a father, I can relate to this song:

Besides being a son of a preacher, Guy Penrod has college degrees in music studies and has taught music. He's lived in Texas, New Mexico, VA, Atlanta, and now lives in Nashville. You can hear the Nashville sound in lots of his songs. He has a farm in Tennessee. He's not just a musician, a man of God, but also a cowboy. In the age of gay rappers and commercialized satanic music, OG's like Guy Penrod still being on the music scene in refreshing.