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Thread: Nas - Hope x Redbone (Filthy Rich blend)

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    Default Nas - Hope x Redbone (Filthy Rich blend)

    Had some time this Sunday, and this was one of the things I recorded.
    As soon as I heard this Nas acapella track on the HHID album, I wanted to put a beat to it (and remove Chrisette Michele's part....she's a dope artist, but her chanting on this track always annoyed me). As with most of my blend ideas, it got put on the backburner, but I decided to revisit it and came up this blend. Most of the times my blends aren't trying to be better than the OG track, but in some cases it turns out that way (IMO), and I personally like it better than the acapella version on the album... "Hope" ya feelin it too...Feedback is always appreciated

    Nas - Hope (DJ Filthy Rich blend)

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    Good work on this for sure, banging!
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    This is hella good

    Nice work

    "Once Upon A Time In Shaolin there was a little angry man named Martin / with no friends / he bought a Wu-Tang album offline to shine / but it didn't work / cuz he still has no friends"

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    Quote Originally Posted by quiesumquam View Post
    Good work on this for sure, banging!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hal Incandenza View Post
    This is hella good

    Nice work
    Thanks for the feedback, guys

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