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Thread: Supreme Mathematics in the Movie Seven

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    Yo, for real that was real ill Dis.

    You brought me back to a time not too long ago. When I still lived at home my mom would watch Seven everyday. Well one day when she was watching I asked her why she did all the time and she told me it was because She related to the characters so much. She didn't break it down with math like you did but pretty much the same way. She told me that she identifies with Morgan Freeman's character and said his wisdon came from his experience and going through things while of course Brad Pitt being the young hard head. My mom used to do a lot of crazy shit back in the day and she used to tell me, if she had the wisom of those things she did back when she was younger she would've went about the situations totally different. You know, wouldn't have flipped so easily and just rationalized instead. But the last part of the movie was the realest to her and she told me that she felt the same way as Morgan, that killing him would've been giving him what he wanted and she wouldn't knowing this. It's like I heard my man Christbearer said although I'm sure he's not the first to say it...

    When we are able to see beyond the effect to the cause that produced the effect, then we are able to see correct. And no longer will our decisions be emotional decisions, they are made rational and with precision.

    Rise above emotions
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    I'm confused, call me stupid, whatever, you made damn good points, but you were just speaking jibberish? I don't get it. It's like you just went 10 for 10 from the free throw line, then when everyone said "nice shooting", you say "not really, I actually missed 3 of them."

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS
    i must be missing something in the post

    i was being mild with you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dissonance
    I know it sounds crazy but I watched this movie again, and beforehand I was just kidding with myself about the title for obvious reasons. But then I really started using my third eye wathcing it. If you scratch beneath the surface it's crazy:

    You have 2 cops chasing 1 man. But we all know knowledge(1) must come BEFORE wisdom(2). But it does. John Doe(the 1) actually is on to the 2 even though they are really chasing him. So no matter what, Knowledge will always come before Wisdom and if you try to put Wisdom first, you will find that you can't, and the Knowledge will find you first. Because everything always goes back to the 1.

    Now before I go back to some of the Math you gotta look at the characters. Morgan Freeman is the Black Man. He has knowledge of self and wisdom. He knows what's going on. Brad Pitt is clueless and uncivilised. He can't think before he acts and speaks and has no patience for gaining knowledge or wisdom. He is walkign around with blinders on. He even pretends and feins knowledge(the cliff notes) just like all people who claim faith in some spook god like it's real. Even his wife, when she needs guidance goes to the Black Man bc she know he has the Knowledge and the Wisdom, something her own husband lacks.

    The scene that really grabbed me and hurt, bc it's so true though was the scene in the library. Morgan Freeman goes there to study. There you see the security guards (Black Men and those of Latin descsent) who are there everyday. And what do they do? They play cards. Freeman points this out to them. He says ou have all the knowledge here at your fingertips and you play cards. Which is true. We have the Knowledge and the Wisdom and so many of us refuse to see it or turn our back to it and give in to the frivilous devil crap.

    But back to the #'s. First the cops are chasing John Doe. That name is important bc it means someone who is unknown. Representin this unknown mystery God that no one can find. But all they end up finding is devilishment. You take the 7 deadly sins, bc John Doe believes he is serving God. But he kills 5 people and the last 2 are himself and Pitt to complete the cypher. So you have Power/Refinement(5) coming before the 2 which is once again Wisdom. If you have Power/Refinement before you do the Wisdom you lose control and have lost Truth. That's why they couldn't see what was ahead until it was too late and the circle was complete, finishing the 7 sins and having Pitt foolishly not be able to check his emotions and kill John Doe. The 1 (Knowledge represented by John Doe) knew what was going to happen the whole time. And Freeman knew it too as he said John Doe "has the upper hand"

    Even if ou look on the DVD box and check out chapter 7....it's Greed....which starts with a G(the 7th letter). Greed being the # 1 action that causes man to seperate and lose GOD and fall in with the devils. That shit can'r just be a coincidence.

    I just tried to type this up fast but if anyone can add on..go ahead.

    dam i just thought that dude was crazy.

    my favorite scene is morgan free-man and gwenthen paltro when she tells him that shes having a seed.

    thank you for asking.

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