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Thread: Why the "holocaust" never happened (watch the video 1st before u bitch)

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    Quote Originally Posted by soul controller
    all thats happened since this event is
    hollywood has made it a big thang
    and most dumb folk believe lies in films
    rather than the real shit.
    have you ever been in a woII concentrationcamp irl? On the other side of town where i live (antwerp), there's one (fort breendonk). that's where they selected belgian/dutch jews/gypsies/gay's/etc to be transported to ther camps futher up in germany and Swiss. We went there 4years ago with school. and I can tell you.. u get damn quiet in such place..

    denying the holocaust is a crime over here in europe, and it's a good thing.

    edit: it's about 3 million jews/gypsies/gay's that where murdered.. not 6.
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