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im trying to show theres a better way than this
abndoned kids, doctors that are posionous
in headlines lies are pitched, starving homeless
governments biased religous declarations
then pitting the occupants against the next nation
and holding secrets about cures and medicine
and protecting them with the fda and federal trade commission
propaganda that targets your minds,
so u bend to the will of thier lies
struggling to just hold on to mine
(damn some more disinformation...cant believe i bought it)
u dont really own your home, u just got a 200,000 dollar apartment
fuck this shit!!!!!! grab a gun and bust
the solution is anarchy, soviergnity, being autonomous

n/w athirst

Freezin @ Birth..I had a reason to burst..wit multiez / treatment for wordz / n decent verbz..
acheived tha first..award ONLINE for skill DIVINE..SHINE in darkness like SHRINE..my mind parted fo rymez..
Started to CLIMB..n of courze enemiez behind envious..Still spittin regiment sentences..discipline..
extra giftz fo thoze who spit excellent..neva give..continue fight tho they rest has been..sliced next to bitz..
now as I reverse I glide to earth..find my work..show it off like a NERD..u herd? word! spittin on WUCORP is ATHIRST!!.
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