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Thread: Lyrical FLEX (Finish Wit Da Word) CYPHA 'NEW'

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    U told ya gurl your a star but she wouldn't believe
    Ya came in da game thru da back, still had to pay a fee
    Got a lock on ya rhyme book but I got the keys
    No one checkin 4 ya lyrics like rhymefest's new album release.

    N/w: Chrome

    It seems we living the american dream
    But the people highest up got the lowest self esteem

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    Locked up in the inside cage, faded
    Never heared, appreciated
    Now living like a thug, stalked, framed
    Screamed in the clubs for honor, laid
    Kicked outside the streets, humbled, fazed
    Now writing shitty lines for fun
    In the past was number one
    Drunk on the ground, still undone
    I'm not dead yet, so you want some?
    To eat with me the mic chrome

    Next werd = citadel
    Fucking funny hat I wear, I didn't bought It I swear!

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    pitifull, your rhymes toiled n spoiled
    shit soiled, your master plot was spoiled
    i get through only cuz im spittin jewels
    while other rappers sit-at-toles (cidatels)

    next word= strap on

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    im the godfather, call me the don
    cause all other mcs, ive outshone
    like using superglue, the way my words bond,
    penatrate deeper than your mums strap on

    Next word ; pavement
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    Year im Big sylass#one i came with the pumpgun to you,fuckingfoo, when you fuck with us we plan the drive-by to you cause you a crackbitch who wanne fuck rich but your pussy hang on the floor ohhh damm bitch get out of here there is the door DAMMM

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    PahnerOG What the fuck that doesnt end with pavement and you aint supplied a new word.

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    Young - white & sharp like metal arrows
    Never broken under the harrow
    Such a cool star from the ghetto's narrow
    Street, from the coffee shop, stucked in the weed-shallow
    Breakin' ya neck you fuckin' bastard, making you the hallow
    Sendin' thru da portal, makin' ya mutha's face sallow
    Beatin' you, stealin' ya pride, puttin' to the pig's wallow
    I'm ya shadow stalker, ranger Walker, killah with patent
    Makin' holes in ya car, blowing home, I'm - Mr. Stormer - bro Rayment
    From the Matrix - ya death waitress, waitin' fo ya on the pavement

    No heart feelins bro!


    Next werd = thing
    Fucking funny hat I wear, I didn't bought It I swear!

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    when I spit's like a side kick to your cranium
    toss yo ass back across the sea to Lithuania
    get sent like fedex box with stamps
    better yet like a refugee in a suitcase cramped
    don't get me vexed....cause when I flex
    cats make bets on whose neck I break next
    mic chekc: "diiiing!" - come step into the ring
    I swing my mic sword at J Cross doin his thing

    (just free style, what up to fans from Europe! peace, no dis to Lithuania)

    n/w statistics
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    the obstacle is the path

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    I'ma quad-line murder this dude..

    Yo you force me to get up, so now I be standin'
    Blessed with the curse from ma beats no defendin'
    I snap punks like twigs, there ain't no back bendin'
    Take ya FedEx rap back, fix it and try resendin!

    Yo, when I'm thru on ya, they gonna mourn ya
    Punched fulla holes like forms, I tried ta warn ya
    Cops sort out the ballistics when I get sadistic
    Note ya down in they ledger - just another statistic...

    N/w galoshes

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    I got you forced, wha? now you get tossed
    like news paper across lawn land on a motha fuckas porch
    national post, reuters, bad ass W--tek
    get recycled like a stack of yo hole punched documents
    I make you teeth whistle you be special
    like dem jerry's kids smiling on TV commercial
    facial expression fixed into a permanent question
    sitting at psychiatric sessions
    severe depression, straight jacket, nauseus
    didn't have a bucket so puked into galoshes
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    the obstacle is the path

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    next word?
    Look at my nephew, he jumped at the window just to see you (The Sun - Ghostface, Rza, Raekwon and Slick Rick)


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    Yeah 'bout LTU - thnks! But where's THE 'WORD'???
    That ya sword, maybe just a stick or skateboard
    Or something better than that - international accord
    No fuckin' US image - just ya stinkin' Ford
    Which was bought in the Gariunai market, forced
    To buy, the poor man asked: "Where's my money source?"
    You don't know how It is in the stirred up hell soak
    Where the partizans died in the forests of the oaks
    So don't even come up with this - burry ya evil hopes
    I'm not the real gangsta like you in Toronto
    But nobody gave you the right to shit onto
    My land, which was a slave in the USSR frontier
    Fuckin' life after the wall - break, to somebody looked like a fake
    On the East and West coast you lived and didn't even know about our ache
    We're livin' to exsist, our resist and pride have never been taken
    So don't say that I'm not worth MC's werd - just breakin'
    The lies around me, evil and spies from the politics sea shelterin'
    It's the worst place of the world after the country of Lenin
    Livin' like the lowest race in the WC of politicians - our home is sellin'
    So don't even dare to say the shitty werds about my land
    Where the beutiful wimin and brave men stand
    For the last air breathe in the better world which was blent
    People who wanted just the cash for our bloody hands
    Of never endin' work and betrayals, givin' us just sand
    Have us in their pockets, forcing to add the bullet into the socket
    To make a quick suicide, they just don't want to do the clear homicide
    And there's nowhere to hide... Good bye! BANG!!!

    >>>Peace bro!<<< - just tired of never ending crap about my Country (It was not for you... Just for those people who think that the life is easy when you live in Miami)

    Next werd = cross (not me)
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    Fucking funny hat I wear, I didn't bought It I swear!

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    Sorry about no n/w last time

    No Toronto gansta, dog Iím a geek
    Read books, go to school and compose beats
    Ainít from da street
    Though at times in my life I had shit to eat
    You speak about me in broad sweeps
    I know yo countryís bleak, but listen to me
    povertyís most felt in relativity
    when I look at a cat next to me
    rich family got a trust fund probably
    no nike for me so was victim of snobbery
    inequality of wealth can end up tragically
    some make wages with 9mm gadgetry
    now thatís yo north American equality
    some race a hatchback some ferrarri
    canít fool me with bullshit of opportunity
    equality that is, that conceptís screwy
    thatís how it is here, some get to be da boss
    of course, most motha fuckas just have to bear da cross

    n/w flack
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    the obstacle is the path

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    ya'll punks get the skippin like hop scotch
    the whole board'll be drippin from my chops
    its all about the grand hustle?
    i'll show you what rustles, the muscle
    this got you running scared like "boo"
    ya'll ratting out more mugshots then game of guess who
    be sure to grab yo bags befo you hop
    cuz dead one's go "eek" from my flack

    new word - poison

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    Yo I hear Denat's sayin, cuz I been there too
    No desert-ees under my shirt, but been po' a few
    Nowdays, different way, no Venture velcro shoe
    Jetset to Europe, Ecuador, I shot New York thru
    But ya know these things they all comin' an goin'
    Rich dudes dance thru life without really knowin'
    Whether sun shinin' or whether it's snowin'
    Best get a big umbrella for tha bullshit they throwin'
    Before I walk away, I'll take one last real breath
    I once knew this dude who drank himself to death
    Some nights I'd get home, he'd sleep on the front step
    Depressed like fuck but not like Da Press
    His shit's fucked up but not a real mess
    Still booze let this mafucka cope with da stress
    Couldn't check it though, even if he heard truth
    Now his friends and fam wearin' black suits
    Just another immigrant with East Europe roots.
    Sad shit, ya best bet, outta luck, this mack
    Guess he just got sick of catchin' life's flack..

    n/w pop music

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